The Europa Report #27 , February 12th to 19th, 2016

The Europa Report #27 , February 12th to 19th, 2016


Europa Report read by Tharu Larbi/Produced by Autolycus

Text of the Europa Report:

I am Autolycus and this is the Europa Report bringing you the latest developments on the ongoing ‘’refugee’’ invasion of the Continent during the last week : February 12th to 19th.

We start , as always, with Germany where Frauke Petry, the controversy-courting leader of the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party has lashed out at German priests who seem more interested in Islam than the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

Calling the German church “dishonest”, Frauke Petry spoke out in a wide-ranging interview with German daily Stuttgarter Zeitung, touching on a range of topics from the mendacity of church compassion towards refugees, to the criticism being meted out to her party by the German establishment and her increasingly strong position in the polls, and to the Europe migrant crisis.

Dr. Petry and her party have recently been called extremist by German Catholic Cardinal Reinhard Marx, and the German church refuses to associate with the party, something she rejects as “not good style” for the church. Responding to the suggestion that the church is in the right, morally, by helping all those in need Dr. Petry asserted this compassion was imbalanced. She said:

“I think this is an illusion. If the church leaders would really deal with the consequences of the movement of refugees, then they would hear the cries of their Christian brothers in the Middle East. We see in many Muslim countries that have Christians present, [life] is very difficult. There are persecutions in many places”.

Also,despite the efforts of European nations to tighten their borders, one million Syrian migrants are set to arrive in the continent over the coming year, a Middle East analyst has said.

The figure would be double that of last year, when around 500,000 people crossed from the war-torn nation into Europe, making up one of the largest constituencies of the migrant crisis.

Speaking to German magazine Der Spiegel, Fabrice Blanche, research director at the University of Lyon and visiting fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that ongoing battles for Aleppo are affecting some two million people, while people are also fleeing relatively peaceful cities due to the deteriorating economic situation.

By the way, only 48 percent of all registered “refugees” in Germany are officially “Syrians,” the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) has admitted in a top secret report leaked to the Bild newspaper.

The report, “Crime in the context of immigration” was meant to be classified for police and civil servants’ eyes only. It stated that “Syrians” are officially listed as making 48 percent of “asylum seekers”—and are responsible for 24 percent of invader crime.

Not to mention that, the mass nonwhite invasion of Germany has punched a €1 billion hole in the budgets of German healthcare insurance companies which can only be made up out of higher premiums for private native German citizens, it has emerged.

According to research published by the Frankfurter Rundschau, the federal government has not provided enough to cover all the health insurance contributions for the million plus invaders who have streamed into Germany after Angela Merkel’s “open doors” invitation.

On the other side of the Rhine, in France last weekend, the former French Legion commander General Christian Piquemal was arrested by French police during an anti-invasion rally in Calais, France. Now, an ordinary resident of that town breaks the controlled media blackout of that rally, and what life is really like for people in Calais since the nonwhite invasion started.

In a brilliant and chilling speech he says characteristically that : The shops in the town center have shut down, one after the other. Calais is a dead city, because of the clandestines we have there. When they descend upon the town armed with iron bars and even Molotov cocktails… Yes, they were caught fabricating those… I don’t understand why they don’t get punished for that.

Moreover, seven patriots from northern France have been arrested for allegedly attacking invaders trying to get onto UK-bound trucks—although they have denied involvement, the La Voix du Nord newspaper has reported.

The seven men, aged between 22- and 24-years-old, are all from around the Pas-de-Calais region (which includes Calais).

According to La Voix du Nord, they were all arrested near Dunkirk, shortly after four Iraqi Kurds claimed to have been beaten with iron bars as they tried to break into trucks on the road to the ferry port in Calais.

As far as Scandinavia is concerned, in Sweden more than one hundred people turned out to cheer and show their support for fourteen Polish nationals who appeared in a Swedish court on Friday for allegedly planning a mass attack on a nonwhite invader camp.

According to the Local’s Swedish news service, the crowd made such a noise that detention hearings for the suspects were delayed.

Their appearance in court is linked to an alleged plan to target nonwhite invaders living in “asylum housing” on a campsite in Nynäshamn, a small town in a rural area south of Stockholm.

The men were arrested in their cars on a nearby road on Monday evening. According to a police statement, “batons, knives, iron bars, and axes” were found in their vehicles.

On the other hand, there are now so many child brides among nonwhite invaders in Denmark’s invader centers that the time has come for that country to change the law regarding underage marriage, one of the most prominent Islamic leaders there has said.

According to an article in Denmark’s Metro Express newspaper, the imam of the Danish city of Aarhus, Osama El-Saadi, has called for the legalization of child marriages because it is the invaders’ “culture.” Speaking out after Danish government officials started considering the idea of deporting “asylum seekers” who are married to minors, El-Saadi said that the marriages should be allowed “out of respect for the culture of the refugees.”

According to the Metro Express, there are more and more cases of forced married underage girls from Syria, Afghanistan, or Iraq living in invader centers around Europe.

On a brighter side, the leaders of the Visegrad Four (V4) nations—Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, along with representatives from Macedonia and Bulgaria—have set the stage for an explosive clash with Germany by setting March as a deadline for the nonwhite invasion to be stopped.

If a “final decision” in this regard is not taken by then, the group has said, they will ensure that the Bulgarian and FYROM borders with Greece are closed, strangling the “Balkans route” being used by the invaders.

In their statement, the leaders demanded that the FYROM and Bulgarian borders with Greece be closed “should the Greek and Turkish governments fail to meet their obligations” to halt the invasion.

Such a move would in effect create an EU buffer zone on Bulgaria’s and FYROM’s borders, even though the latter is not a member of the EU and Bulgaria is not a member of Schengen. It would also cut off Greece—which is an EU member.

The reason why the V4 group has come up with this plan is because they obviously do not believe that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plans involving Turkey and Greece will bring results.

A final decision, the V4 group has said, must come in March, and if by then there are no signs of improvement—that is, if Turkey and Greece have not lived up to their promises—then they will take steps to shut the border.

Also, Russian president Vladimir Putin has openly declared himself on the side of those who oppose the nonwhite “refugee”-invasion of Europe, saying that Russia “likes” the position of “defend[ing] European identity.”

Putin’s remarks, made during a joint press conference with visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Moscow yesterday, are the clearest indication yet that a new eastern European-based bloc is forming up against western European liberalism and the racial suicide of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her allies.

During the meeting the two leaders discussed a range of issues including the invasion of the European Union by millions of bogus refugees, and the role of terrorism in causing the invasion.

“The reason for the current refugee issue is the destabilization of states in entire world regions — Northern Africa, Afghanistan and other countries. In order to solve the refugee issue the prime cause should be eliminated. The countries’ statehood, economy and social sphere must be restored so that people can live in their own country or return there,” Putin said.

As it was expected, European Jews will not take up Vladimir Putin’s recent offer to take “refuge” in Russia, even though the Russian Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are Jews, Mikhail Skoblionok, a leading member of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress has said.

Writing in the Tatar news website Realnoe Vremya, Skoblionok, (here in Russian, and here in English) who also is president of the Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy of Tatarstan, said that “a Jew of sound judgment won’t go to Russia.”

Putin made the offer last month in a meeting with members of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) that took place in the Kremlin. Moshe Vyacheslav Kantor, EJC president, complained to Putin about the rising anti-Semitism across Europe and the growing number of attacks against Jews.

That was it for this week goys!

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