The Europa Report #59 Sept 23rd to Sept 30th, 2016

The Europa Report #59 Sept 23rd to Sept 30th, 2016


Text of the Europa Report:

Ι am Autolycus and this is the Europa Report for the past week, September 23rd to September 30th, bringing you the latest news on the Continent regarding new political developments and the ever ongoing non-white invasion crisis.

Let us begin with Germany where the most pressing issue for the past week was that the German government bond yields dropped back towards six-week lows causing a possible solvency crisis in the banking system on Friday.


Deutsche Bank admitted it had an image problem with investors after reports on Thursday that a number of hedge funds had withdrawn cash from the bank, sending its U.S.-listed shares to a record low.

The government has had to deny it is working on a rescue plan for Deutsche and the bank’s woes have crystallised concerns about the country’s financial sector where its second largest lender Commerzbank announced plans to cut thousands of jobs.

Yields on Bunds – seen as a safe haven by investors – fell to six-week lows this week, and despite a rise late on Thursday after an oil output deal sparked expectations for higher inflation, they fell back to those lows again on Friday.

“Markets are just getting to grips with the latest news overnight on Deutsche which has made investors take risk off the table,” Rabobank strategist Lyn Graham-Taylor said.

“It doesn’t matter whether the bank is in real trouble or not, as long as people think it is, then it is bad news.”

Apart from that, there are over half a million rejected “asylum seekers” still living in Germany, despite receiving orders to leave the country—and almost all of them have been living there, “tolerated” by the government for at least six years.


The Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) said that a new report on the “hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers who have lived in Germany for years despite being denied asylum” revealed that as of the end of June 2016, some 549,209 of the parasites were still in the country.

As the illegal migration into Germany intensifies, so is the opposition with the recent example being the burning of a mosque in the city of Dresden.

No one was hurt in the blast, which took place Monday, September 26, although the mosque’s imam was inside the building with his wife and sons.

Horst Kretzschmar, president of Dresden police, said in a statement: “Even if we so far have no claim of responsibility, we must go on the basis that the motive was xenophobic”.

Kretzschmar said three mosques, a Muslim social center, and a prayer room in the city would be given protection immediately.

Soon after the mosque explosion, Dresden’s International Congress Center was also damaged by a homemade device and the bar of a nearby hotel was evacuated.

Police said they found the remains of homemade explosives at both scenes.

Critical has also been the situation in Sweden where the mass Third World invasion of  the country has created at least 55 “no-go” zones for whites and police according to the announcement of the official public broadcaster.


Quoting a serving Swedish policeman, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) also revealed that nonwhite invader attacks on the police cause at least three resignations per day from that force.

The mass nonwhite invasion has created huge ghettoes in Sweden where police officers are attacked and their vehicles stoned for no reason other than their presence.

Now there are at least 55 “no go” areas which are on a police blacklist. These areas are divided into three categories ranging from “risk areas” to “seriously vulnerable.” The most heavily nonwhite areas, such as Biskopsgården in Gothenburg Municipality, are the most dangerous.

Sergeant Peter Larsson told NRK that at least 80 percent of the remaining police officers are actively seeking other jobs because policing the nonwhite invasion has become too dangerous.

Malmö in south Sweden—possibly the most overrun city in all of Sweden, with an invader population of at least 43 percent (and likely more)—was one of the cities which was highlighted in the report as a particularly high crime and gang area.

At the same time, the nonwhites’ violent crime rate has increased sharply. The number of murders in Sweden rose from 82 in 2014 to 103 in 2015—an increase of 26 percent, unheard of in this previously peaceful and white country.

Furthermore, in another Scandinavian country, Denmark The nationalist Danes’ Party took to the streets of Haderslev to hand out cans of what it called ‘refugee spray’.


The party, which wants to see all non-Western immigrants kicked out of Denmark, put labels on cans of hair spray reading ‘Refugee Spray: Legal [and] effective’.

The party’s chairman, Daniel Carlsen, said the spray is a necessary legal alternative to pepper spray, which is illegal in Denmark. He said that Haderslev was the perfect location to hand out the cans, given the reports of local women being harassed by refugees and asylum seekers.

He also said to TV Syd: “I don’t think it is provocative. We are tackling an actual problem in our society, where many Danes feel unsafe. Partially because there are so many migrants in the country and partly because one isn’t allowed to defend one’s self”.

It is worth mentioning that Danish authorities permitted reunification of child brides as young as 14 with their migrant husbands.

The legal minimum age for marriage is 18 in the Nordic nation, yet the exemptions are being made for migrants because separating the couples is said to violate the right to family life guaranteed in the European convention on human rights.

There are 27 migrants under 18 who were known to be married Denmark, and among the influx arriving in the past year were two 14-year-old girls, wed to 24 and 28-year-old men.

Marriage exceptions have already been granted to 15-year-olds, but the immigration service’s ruling set a new, younger precedent. According to the Times, the Danish immigration service wrote in an official response to a parliamentary inquiry:

“In some of these cases it has been assessed that it would not be compatible with Denmark’s international obligations to maintain the separate living quarters, thus these couples have been offered housing together”.

In other news, in Britain Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim Mayor, revealed Wednesday that he is “working on a model that will ensure we can carry on recruiting and attracting talent” with business leaders, the Chancellor, and the Brexit and Foreign Secretaries.

He has also been running a campaign called “London is Open” under the slogan: “London – everyone welcome”.

It is thought the Mayor wants a tailor made visa system to keep migration higher in London. He told Sky News that Tory minister “gets it” and that he will be meeting with the Prime Minister “soon” to push the plan.

Peter Whittle, who was UKIP’s mayoral candidate this year blasted Mayor Khan saying: “Sadiq Khan’s plan for London has to be the most destructive and divisive plan yet. A specific visa option for London is quite literally beyond parody”.

Across the English Channel, in France thousands of French Jews have immigrated to Israel because they feel “threatened”.


According to Jacques Canet of La Victoire, also known as the Great Synagogue of Paris,  the number of French Jews immigrating to Israel rose from 1,900 in 2011 to nearly 8,000 last year.

A poll by the French Institute of Public Opinion in January showed 43 percent of France’s Jewish Community are considering a move to Israel, and 51 percent said they have “been threatened” because they are Jewish.

Moving on to Eastern Europe where the Czech and Slovak governments met for a joint working session in Bratislava on Monday to discuss the state of bilateral ties, cooperation in security and defense and their position on key European issues.

Twenty-three years after the Velvet Divorce, the two neighbors say their relationship is better than ever.


Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico stated: “It is very pleasing that, according to repeated surveys, the Czechs feel that Slovaks are the nation closest to their hearts and vice versa. That is a great asset in today’s uneasy and turbulent world, and in the presently unstable and uncertain European Union.”

While in 1993 Czechs and Slovaks wanted to pursue separate foreign policies, today they frequently meet to consult their positions on key European and global issues in view of increasing their clout in the European Union. Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said they were fighting side-by-side to defend their priorities.

Finally, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn in Austria said a few days ago “will there be a third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe? Many Muslims think this and wish this and say that Europe is at its end.”

Later he issued a clarification and said that if Europe’s Christian heritage is “in danger”, it is not because of Muslims, but because “we Europeans have squandered it”.


Cardinal Schönborn said: “One must not take my homily to be a call to defend ourselves against the refugees, this was not at all my intention. The opportunity for a Christian renewal of Europe lies in our hands: if we look at and come to Christ, spread his gospel and deal with our fellow men, strangers included, as he has taught us, in love and responsibility.”

“It is clear that many Islamists would like to take advantage of our weakness, but they are not responsible for it. We are.”

Τhat was all for this week!

Jazzhands McFeels

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