An Alt Right Immigration Agenda: Three Things We Must Push Trump On

An Alt Right Immigration Agenda: Three Things We Must Push Trump On

Now that the high from our glorious victory over the forces of Moloch has somewhat worn off and Trump has begun naming appointees to his government, it is time to think seriously about our next move. We did a good job of memeing our ideas into more mainstream acceptance using Trump as an avatar. We now have to make sure Trump follows through on them. That means deporting all illegals, building the border wall, and ensuring absolutely no more Muslim migrants are admitted. But while those policies are important, we cannot simply stop there. In politics like in life, if you are resting on your laurels you will be moving backwards before you know it. We need to be pushing Trump to do more, all the time, on this issue, or else he may just do what is “good enough”. We are already seeing signs of Trump compromising on the things he already ran on. On deporting illegals, he recently said he plans to deport two-three million. That is already well below the often bandied about 11 million figure, and we have good reason to think even that number is faulty. No. two-three million is not good enough. And even with that meager target Trump is already getting push-back, showing once again that cucking never pays and that he may as well have gone for the full 11 million. Three million may be an acceptable benchmark for Year One, but it cannot be the entirety of the goal.By that measure, let’s talk about three we need to push Trump on doing that can stem the rising tide of color.

End sanctuary cities

Sanctuary cities are shaping up to be the flashpoint of the Trump Administration’s immigration policy. If that policy is to succeed or fail will depend entirely upon how cooperative Democrat-controlled states and municipalities are with federal efforts. Due to a recent Inspector General opinion, the federal government now has the legal authority to go after states found in defiance of federal law and deny them federal funds. In a twist of delicious irony, the massive growth in federal power over the last century means we are now perfectly positioned to bring recalcitrant-but-gibs-dependent-states under our control. No state more fits this bill more than California, which relies on the federal government for no less than 37% of total spending in the state. The state’s fragile economy and yuge financial obligations present us with a prime opportunity to put the screws to these people. Perhaps when federal drought aid dries up and the state has been pushed into bankruptcy and recession, state lawmakers can explain to the citizenry why they think put the protection of illegal immigrants over keeping the water flowing out their faucets. Given the dependence the states and municipalities have on federal largess, it will not be long before they are begging for peace. Bringing California under control will constitute a major step toward resolving the IQ (Illegal Question) and will also serve as an example to other states who refuse to bend the knee. And if it backfires and alienates Californians further from the federal government, all the better. A United States without California may very well work to our long term benefit, so this move is a win-win either way.


Crush the Urbanite

Crush the Urbanite

Hold Trump to  his promise: An End to Birthright Citizenship

This one will be difficult because the Jewish media has done such an effective job of brainwashing the American population into thinking this is one of our “fundamental values.” Many people even believe it’s part of the US Constitution. It’s not. It never has been. It only came about in the mid 1980’s due to the questionable interpretation of some federal judge. No other developed nation in the world other than the United States and Canada recognizes jus solis because it is an absurd way to determine citizenship. A Mexican born in Indiana is, despite any media wailing, a Mexican. People do not just forget who they are because they are born on magic dirt. If it were any other way, Texas would never have seceded from Mexico to begin with. Trump can do this either through Congress or through the states. I recommend the states, and I recommend it done as soon as possible – the last constitutional amendment took decades to pass.

More White Immigration

This last one will be the hardest, by far, because unlike everything else mentioned, there really is no way to couch this in economic, law-and-order, or other non-racial terms. It unambiguously benefits Whites and there is no way around it. But if we really intend to keep this country ours, we need to push this very, very hard. Trump has already put himself on record as supporting more White immigration and we know that many of his advisers, if not already on board, are at least not going to be reflexively scared of the idea like previous administrations. There are some ways to gain a quick influx of whites to boost our numbers. We should push the Sessions State Dept to immediately recognize Afrikaners as the refugees that they so obviously are and open our doors to them. While not enough by itself to make a truly significant dent in our demographic decline, it will still help, and if we can distribute some based Afrikaners to de-cuck states like Minnesota, or to vital swing states, all the better.

Trump’s election was a great victory but it will be hollow if we do not make the most of it. We cannot afford to “fall asleep”, like the right-wing did under Reagan, or like some currently advocate. The Alt Right must remain alert, holding Trump to his past promises on immigration while constantly pushing him to go further. We only have four years, eight at max to get this right, so let’s push as hard as we possibly can. Anything less would be a gross dereliction of duty to our race.


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