America is in a Soft Civil War

America is in a Soft Civil War

The ancient Greek philosophers often entertained the idea of the state of civilization being the outcome of an ever ongoing cycle of sentiments among the people with predictable patterns and common reoccurring themes even when separated in time with different historical contexts. This intriguing model for civilization is based on the validity of underlying truths about the different forms of government and how they tend to grow and collapse into one another. Using this model as an informative guide it would be fair to state that the western world would is in a state of democracy which is a time of liberty but also complacency and consequentially impending misery as weak men give way to harsh times. There is no better manner to describe the current predicament of the western world than complacency. It is not that the west has been defeated or conquered but rather we have fallen into a nihilistic state of indifference to our continued existence. Our civilization itself has lost its will for power and has sunk into the temptations and mediocrity of democracy. Without strength as a virtue we turn our aspirations away from the stars and face downward toward self deprecation. The moral valuation of the universe has been turned upside down such that the weak and degenerate are celebrated whereas the capable and beautiful are shunned. This temporary state of disgrace is achieved only due to a prolonged era of peacetime that is about to meet its reckoning.

The internet has brought about an unprecedented means to organize. Therefore hyper polarization is inevitable provided there is motivation to do so. That critical issue is Nationalism versus Globalism and the resolution of this conflict will be the story of our generation. Everything before and after will just be remembered as the prelude and aftermath of said conflict. The western world has a system of government in place that allows adversarial revolutionaries to grow unrestrained and unchecked. The native European people are forced by threat of persecution to allow people into their homelands that actively conspire against them. The current state of society was achieved unnaturally through coercion onto an unwilling populace that resisted it passionately. Yet the globalist machine continued to churn and we now find ourselves in a state of escalating tension that is bound to implode. A growing number of voices are speaking out to reach a truce or compromise that are met with more persecution and ridicule; showing no signs of letting up until the replacement of whites and their society is complete.


In addition to their usual genocidal rhetoric the left has also begun warmongering with levels of Russophobia that shouldn’t even be possible. Its rather ironic that the left cannot be at peace with others.

Although Calexit would be a diplomatic miracle the left cannot embrace separation without abandoning its core ideology and there is good reason to believe these fanatics will keep pushing until the singularity; the moment in which the collective unconscious of the right acknowledges the impending danger and turns to revolt. There are already early signs of these sentiments manifesting themselves in our memetic library. Memes such as right wing death squads and the day of the rope are our self preserving instincts surfacing themselves and under such tensions they are bound to amplify. The idea that distinct groups of people can be so diametrically opposed for a prolonged period of time goes against everything witnessed in human history. This struggle will end in conflict, the only question is how far will it go before a detente is met? Will we have to fight until the end or will the left be willing to negotiate a peaceful separation?

The idea that this nation is to remain one post Nov 8th is a dream at this point in history because it is now populated with people whom are rabidly hostile to the nation and its peoples continued existence and those whom seek to conserve and restore its heritage and legacy. There will only be a continued escalation of rhetoric and tactics that will result in further hyper polarization. Without fair and open dialogue the calls for revolution will grow increasing loud and begin to bleed over into action. These bitter conflicts are meant to be solved by conflict and ultimately it is the stronger that triumphs and claims the earth.  All of humanity is ever evolving into a more perfect being and thus we reject the idea of believing that humanity should assume a self negating moral imperative to lower itself to appeal to the lowest common denominator as being dysgenic and in defiance of natural law. Anyone that suggests the greatest of men should concern themselves with the lowest of men is perverse; why should a society divert the potential of man downward rather than upward?

If Globalism were to go unopposed then a dark age will be brought upon man as all cultures and national identity will die. The people will become an amorphous blob of nothingness, a mass without a purpose or higher aspiration other than to exist and too consume. And such a world would be ugly and without spirit. Even people of the same race, religion and social status fight one another. Conflict is inherent in nature and no matter how hard the left tries to neurotically remove differences the mere fact that no two people are the same is enough to cause division and subsequent conflict. The idea that one could ever achieve a frictionless utopia is absurd, there will always be a natural incentive for the strong to dominate. Under (((globalism))) there will not be unlimited equality but rather a caste of rulers and subjects.

The final victory of Nationalism will restore our national identity and our people will form safer and more prosperous societies than ever before.  This bright future is within grasp of the European people despite our people having sacrificed greatness with a perverse morality in a self negating social experiment that is directly contradictory to all of survival. However America is far from finished; the people are alive and well and are ready to put up a fight against the forces of international tyranny and cultural marxism. Globalism is in its final stand and the signs of desperation are already manifesting itself. Do not fall prey to the complacency that gave us this backwards world but rather now more than ever finish the job once and for all.

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