Dear Normie, It’s Time to Take the Red Pill

Dear Normie, It’s Time to Take the Red Pill

By Rosencuck

As someone who has gone on the journey of being born in a Democrat household to becoming a conservative after leaving college and finally taking the red pill during the US election it is pertinent to reflect on the stages of development and realizations that have lead me down this path for others to follow. It probably strikes the curiosity of many as to why an online movement comprised of trolls with frog avatars has somehow brought the liberal establishment into frenzy. This is because the Alt-Right is not another rebranding of milquetoast liberalism but rather a direct challenge to egalitarianism itself, the very heart and soul of the fanatical leftism that has ran rampant for decades now.

As a rather optimistic species we ideally want to view people as individuals in isolation from others. Meaning we do no take into account that peoples behavior is not necessarily limited to their own self interest but also includes tribalistic behaviors that have developed due to the need for social interaction in human survival that are crucial for understanding the world. How else can we explain the phenomena of blacks in Europe protesting the police in America? This is because ethnic solidarity runs as deep in our being as the need for companionship. Our people are our family and we protect one another, and when we are together we are happiest.


Despite what popular culture suggests there are still normal people in the world and we want to protect our traditions and heritage from corruption.

A homogenous society has greater social capital than a diverse society. A diverse society has low trust and people tend to keep themselves locked away from others. Consequentially the political climate is much more intimidating because the debate is focused not on policy but rather fighting off existential threats to your people from competing tribes. This is not a comfortable way to live and to suggest otherwise is simply misanthropic. Assimilation has only occurred thus far due to the threat of persecution as diverse societies are fundamentally unnatural. No one would say that race relationships are improving in America, in fact they seem to be just as bad as when the original civil rights movement had started. Black nationalist groups are calling for separation from white America, effectively campaigning for the segregation they were originally against. The writing is on the wall, and it is as clear as day that multiculturalism is a failed social experiment.

Racism is a political slur invented to turn ones pride in their nation and people into a sin to be eradicated from decent society because nationalism stands in direct opposition to liberalism by letting people govern themselves instead of submitting to their perverse ideals. Anyone following modern politics can tell you the term racism is not applied equally to all peoples and situations. The term is used exclusively to attack whites that do not submit to the aggressively anti-white political status quo. Nobody anywhere in the establishment or political left is fighting racism against whites, which is the most prevalent form of ‘racism’. If whites were made into a minority it should be painfully obvious to everyone that whites would face violence and persecution as they do in ‘diverse’ nations such as South Africa or Brazil.

The Alt-Right recognizes the entire concept of racism as an anti-white political mechanism that is used to describe all forms of behavior that oppose white genocide, which is the systematic replacement of white people in their own homelands through forced immigration and political intimidation of dissidents. Despite what the lying media would have you believe, the Alt-Right is a reactionary movement in self-defense against marginalization and persecution. If white people in white homelands were left alone, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.


Europe and all the nations we formed around the world are our homelands. If we cannot have a place to ourselves to call home then where will we run when faced with persecution?

This is a global struggle since the same tactics are being employed across the western world. All of our brothers and sisters across the earth are experiencing the same psychological entrapment imposed onto us in the US. The different minority demographics that have been implanted into each majority European nation are used as a hammer by the globalists to beat the European people into obscurity. The law is not applied equally to the hostile demographic groups and gives rise to a form of anarcho-tyranny such that the criminals are not punished but those who complain or obstruct their savagery are persecuted. Foreign populations have been migrated and agitated against the native populations such that democracy itself has been weaponized to usher in the decline of western civilization. This is the state of universal suffrage democracy in the early 21st century.

Organizations such as the ADL and the NAACP are nothing more than political shakedown organizations that intimidate dissidents into submission. These groups rely on the peoples faith in scare words to control their behavior. Insofar as these people promote a hostile anti-white agenda that serves their own interest at the expense of our people there is no reason to treat these people as anything other than racketeering organizations that seek to destroy the reputation and livelihoods to anyone with the courage to stand up to them. The hypocrisy that runs deep in the establishment media has been exposed and there is no doubt in the minds of the common people of this country that the media is a special interest group with its own political agenda and does not in any way practice ‘objective journalism’ which as a concept in itself is a total farce. The idea that institutions are not motivated by their own agendas is absurd. Plato argued in the Republic that the state is a reflection of the character of the people whom inhabit it and by analogy the media represents those whom control it rather than its clients.

Once these facts have become apparent naturally the next question would be who is responsible and what is their motivation? The best way to answer this question is to rely on the old aphorism of “if you want to know who controls you, find out whom you can’t criticize”. Using that as a guide, it will become apparent that the only thing worse and more taboo than the alleged cardinal sin of racism is the “Holocaust”. Even questioning the authenticity or the exaggeration of the mainstream narrative is enough for the full weight of the state to punish our people in some of our countries. They’ve even arrested grandmas for questioning it. To think that this is merely a (((coincidence))) is absurd and I suggest all of the readers to keep a sharp eye out for exactly (((who))) is pushing these anti-white narratives and who controls the media to spread that agenda. You’ll start to notice echo quotes and you’ll begin to understand why this has been such a serious struggle for centuries.

Once you understand the malicious intent of these actors you will recognize that ‘equality’ is a power grab to disenfranchise white people and that ‘diversity’ means chasing down every last white person until they no longer exist. These concepts are promoted as virtues in themselves in white majority countries only, making it clear to any rational observer that these concepts are explicitly anti-white rhetorical tools to conquer a civilization that has provoked envy across the world. Immigration is not a battle of policy, it is a fight for survival by denying the opposition reinforcements in what is becoming an escalating demographic war. Building a wall is not exclusively a challenge to political correctness but also a physical and mental barrier meant to stop the advance of a hostile enemy.


Fighting off an enemy is the duty of a man to his nation. Being a coward in the face of adversity will lead to inevitable defeat. 

White guilt is an original sin construct that cannot be repaid by design. White people are deemed forever evil, carrying in their existence something fundamentally wrong, and must be eradicated from the earth. The Alt-Right opposes these genocidal efforts and calls upon all of our people to participate in the great awakening. Stop being afraid of these people and do not let them intimidate you into silence and submission. Never apologize for who you are. Together we can create a future for our people and free ourselves from the grip of the parasite that seeks to strangle us.

Hail Victory.

Jazzhands McFeels

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