Our Values

Our Values

by Charles Lyons

We hear a lot of talk these days about “our” values. We hear that Donald Trump doesn’t represent “our” values. That immigration restriction is not one of “our” values. That the alt right does not represent “our” values. So I think it’s about high time we had a talk about “our” values.

The talking heads and pundits talking about “our” values are talking about their values. They are talking about the values of post-modern, liberal, globalist, managerial elites. They are talking about the values of coastal cosmopolitans. They are talking about Beltway insiders. They are talking about the freaks and the fringes that make up the modern Democrat party. They are not talking about us.

Who is us? Let me tell you who we are. You liberals may know us as racist xenophobes. We are those rubes and rednecks in flyover country sometimes known as ‘the silent majority’. We are those people who you disparage as ignorant white trash. We are the people you mock on your degenerate TV shows. That’s how you may know us as.

We are the people who grow your food. We are the people who work in the coal mines and oil fields. We are the people who drive the semi trucks. We are the people who work in the steel mills and automobile factories… at least what’s left of them. We are the heart and soul of this nation. We are White Christian America. When people think of Americans, they don’t think of one of your purple-haired freaks or deracinated cosmopolitan mulattoes. They don’t think about your coalition of the fringes. They think about us. They think about us because we are Americana. We are the backbone, the heart and the soul of this nation. You better believe it too.

So back to “our” values… “Our” values are not your values. “Our” values are that we are a White European-American Christian nation. “Our” values are the traditional family. “Our” values are heroic. “Our” values are not Aztec, Arab, or African or any other type of third worlder you import here to replace us. “Our” values are people, our people, over profits.

We don’t want anything to do with your values. Your values are degenerate. They’re individualistic, hedonistic and materialistic. Your values are nihilistic.

Also, let it be known that 2016 was not the year that White America in its death throes lashed out one last time just to disappear into the rising tide of color that is the browning multicultural America. Oh no. This was our first chance. This is the birth of a nation. A real nation, not some phony proposition nation. This is a nation of blood and of soil. Our ancestors shed blood, sweat and tears over every square inch of this continent and I’ll be damned to Hell if we are going to give it up without a fight. This year was our coming out party. This was the year the traditional American nation took a stand for something greater than meaningless consumerism or Utopian bullshit ideals. This was the year we decided to fight back. Just remember, we are not trapped in here with you. No, it is you who is trapped in here with us.

Jazzhands McFeels

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