The Post-Trump Mentality

The Post-Trump Mentality

By Ash Brighton

Let me start by saying that I don’t represent the alt-right. I’m just some alter-ego who tries to contribute in his own small way. In meatspace I’m a man who works his ass off to provide for his family. In the few moments I’m not working or spending time with my wife and kids, I’m trying to educate myself and figure out a way to fight back against the relentless decline of my nation and people.

Of course I voted for Trump. I had never paid attention to the man before his campaign. I was only vaguely aware of him as a charismatic mogul, but before his campaign if I had run into him in public I wouldn’t have recognized him. But here he was, saying things before the entire nation that every sensible working-class White person says in trusted company.

Here was the only political contender of my lifetime who spoke out against the machinations of the global meat grinder of mandated equality. Did he really say “the false song of globalism?” Did he really advocate for the nation-state? Did he really say in simple, unmistakable fashion “radical Islamic terrorism?” Though I’ve always voted in elections, until Trump I’d never really been enthusiastic about any of the candidates. I donated to a presidential campaign for the first time in 2016.

I saw him get relentlessly slandered and demonized by the press, (((thought leaders))), corporate executives, celebrities, world leaders, and academics. Here’s someone who’s going through hell to try and fix things. Win or lose, he’s a great man I thought.

I stayed up until 3AM in stunned euphoria and watched him win. I went to work the next day, quiet but newly confident in a better future. The women in my office who didn’t call in sick spit venom all day about people who voted like me. It rolled right off though, because we really had someone who–for the first time in decades–would fight against the small, rootless, international clique who transparently desires endless war, global homogenization, and universal mediocrity.

I’d like to think that millions like me voted for more than “jobs, jobs, jobs” and “great deals”. We voted to preserve our people and our history in the face of the hostile death cult of the elite who has openly stated and further demonstrated that they want us gone from our own nations by any means.

I voted for the continuation of a nation—a republic—of laws, a bastion of coherence in a mad world.

I voted to prevent this idea of a global nation with no recognizable form or purpose. I voted for my kids to not grow up in a country where they will be punished, demonized, and dispossessed for being the descendants of the people who built this nation.

I certainly didn’t vote for someone who abets the disgusting Saudi royal family. I didn’t vote for someone who would pander and kowtow to the group who voted for him at a lower percentage than Latinos, a group who will never stop attacking him through their myriad of power structures, whose members have murdered tens of millions of people like me throughout history and who are openly hostile to my kind even as they take over and weaponize the institutions we built and shared with them in good faith.

So what now? It’s clear that Trump is not the answer. It all seems like it was just a joke. Actually, it was more like a reality show: carefully planned, staged and made to look natural yet is unmistakably a production to those willing to doubt.

I and many others now feel like a fool. But know this: we voted for the nice, by-the-imposed-rules solution. The solution that could have worked well for almost everyone except the cabal of parasitic, hostile, international elites. Now that option seems to be permanently off the table. So be it. But this pressure build-up has to go somewhere. And the heat is being applied stronger than ever. I and a fast-growing number of smart, capable and angry men are going to be out there fighting our dispossession and erasure.

I’m the attorney who watches violent criminals get pardons, reduced sentences, or freed by a Bronx Jury because of postmodern, cultural Marxist notions of justice.

I’m the bus driver who’s told he can’t intervene or even talk about the White kid on his route who gets terrorized and beaten daily for being White.

I’m the doctor who works 16-hour shifts saving lives every day, but gets paid less than the diversity coordinator who casually says there should be fewer people like him in “her hospital.”

I’m the mom who gets ridiculed by the principal at her kids’ school for asking why some kids are allowed to run wild and break the rules with abandon.

I’m the police officer who gets screamed at every time he pulls over a minority, and is then told by his superiors that he must find some way to ticket more White people even as violent crime rises in his community.

I’m the firefighter who takes his punishing job seriously and then watches less-qualified people get promoted ahead of him because they’re a woman or minority, even though they can’t hold a hose or demonstrate basic competence.

I’m the quiet guy in the cubicle next to you who watches himself get mocked and villainized day-in and day-out on every TV channel, who got blackballed and ostracized at work when he honestly answered the question of his vote in the election, and who hasn’t had a raise in six years despite taking on more responsibility and hours.

I’m the tradesman who gets undercut by fly-by-night competitors who get away with hiring illegal labor under the table and not paying taxes or insurance, and sees nothing done about it when he complains to the same authorities to whom he pays taxes and never gets nor expects any regulatory lenience for doing things the proper and legal way.

We’ve sensed for a long time that we’re being attacked. We’ve only recently figured out why and by whom. We always hoped for peaceful solutions but it’s clear there are no longer any to be had. And we’ve only just begun to fight back. We’re going to poke and attack every worm-eaten pillar of this rotten edifice. We’re going to relentlessly ridicule the lies and contradictions of this childish, forced morality. We’re going to proudly embrace our traditions and protect our culture and history.

And yes, we’re going to fight. We’re going to rise to every escalation. We’ll fight to survive just like the ones before us. We were born for this struggle. It’s our purpose. We embrace it. And we’re only going to get bigger and stronger.

Jazzhands McFeels

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