Reconquest Mindset

Reconquest Mindset

By Ash Brighton

Why so blackpilled, buddy? Oh sure, the pessimism makes a lot of sense on its face. We’re having to pay for our own dispossession. Our own governments are complicit in forcibly giving away our birthright. If we question it, we’re silenced (at best) or even put in prison. Meanwhile the people who destroy our societies and attack us physically, mentally, and spiritually are allowed and even sponsored to openly advocate for their agenda of killing those who welcome and enable them. This is hardly news to most people reading this article. What’s important is not to lose faith or to fall into despair upon acknowledging this reality. Are we not fighters and problem solvers by nature? If we are who we say we are, then we have no justification for being blackpilled. Who’s going to stand with us if all we have is hopeless whining? Victimhood is a bad look, fam.

While there are many horrific things happening to us at present, they should not be seen only as cause for despair.  These “black pills” are actually justifications for our positions and our forthcoming actions. They’re problems to be solved, and ultimately these traumas will underpin our worldview. It should be of little concern that so many people speak out against us. If you condemn this broken society, you shouldn’t expect a majority of its products to agree with your arguments. Of course we will have to fight, and of course the work ahead is hard and seemingly endless, but that fact should hardly be a reason to lose hope. The only real question is how we fight back. The answers to that will come as our movement grows and we cultivate leaders from amongst ourselves. We’re growing so rapidly because we’re the moral vanguard. We have the truth and the most grounded perspective. It is inevitable that we will have the solutions; because of this we will necessarily have the power.

When we start to assert ourselves effectively, there will be no basis for doubt or remorse. The evidence for our positions is endless. How many hundreds of thousands of rapes, murders, and thefts have occurred against us since we opened our borders and granted equal rights within our nations? How many of our children have been beaten, tortured, and blown apart by people we sacrificed everything to uplift? Look at the great cities turned to wastelands. Look at the morass of double standards that we’ve all had to negotiate our entire lives. Look how many innocent lives and happy families have been destroyed. Throughout it all, the architects and their weaponized dependents openly boast about their crimes while villainizing us. All of this insanity will make our ultimate philosophy ironclad. We answer only to our ancestors, our descendants, and our God.

This experiment of dogmatic, universal humanity was a failure regardless of the intentions behind it. The experiment has now been repeated hundreds of thousands of times and has always failed. The examples flood our news feeds daily. Not only our nations, but nations on every inhabited continent have been ravaged by it. We are living in the aftermath of this condemned ideology, and its angry zealots are tenuously hanging on to their power even as everything they control rots irreversibly. We are laying siege to a city with seemingly impenetrable walls that is desperately trying to hide its fetid, diseased, and hopeless interior. We will break through and salvage that which is deserving.

We must embrace struggle. We must learn to love it, because we’re built for it and thrive on it. We are who we are because of millennia of fighting for survival against foes of all kinds and magnitudes. We got soft because we fought for and embraced the wrong ideals. Leisure, universalism, and materialism became our virtues, and now we understand the consequences. So spread the bad news. Show people how horrible the situation is. But at the same time, be the person with the solutions and the message of something new and better.

Ahead of us is a limitless future. Long from now, these troubles will be a tiny yet crucial bump on that trajectory. Our role is to halt the decline and resume the ascent. We have so much to rebuild. We have so much debris to clear out, so many rubbish bins to fill with the gilded plastic idols that were sold to those before us. After that, we will have a new canvas on which to rethink and reinvent ourselves. We will have entire cities to rebuild, natural habitats to restore, countless tainted academic and intellectual fields to reevaluate, and ultimately we will have to lay down the foundation for the successor society. Think of the intellectual flowering that will come out of that. There are billions of galaxies out there. Make sure your name ends up on one of them.

Jazzhands McFeels

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