Press on Toward the Goal

Press on Toward the Goal

White pills abound, but we must take heed and make hay while the sun shines—the deck is not stacked in our favor.

by Ash Brighton

President Trump’s last few weeks have been good ones, and he has hit his stride after a shaky start that troubled a lot of us. It’s remarkable to see one man stand up to hold back the innumerable forces of our destruction. To our credit, we’ve fallen in line behind him in support, much as we did throughout his campaign. Our potent blend of humor and truth has helped us steal some of the legitimacy of weaponized legacy institutions. Soak up the good feelings, but also let the encouraging news motivate you; don’t forget that the existential crisis hasn’t gone anywhere and there’s a very long road ahead. This is no time for relaxation. If we don’t maintain our momentum and seize the opportunities of the current situation in a very big way, these “wins” will be as ephemeral as last season’s sportsball title.

The hostile elite still controls most of the levers of power: all the large media outlets, the full education pathway, almost every major city, and the financial systems at all levels. One of the few things they don’t control is the Executive Branch of the US Government. One can safely be skeptical about that last statement when seeing articles about the President’s close family members schmoozing with some truly odious figures. This hostile elite want us—you—gone, and they’re utilizing a nasty, broad-spectrum bag of tricks to get it done. The differences between our ideals and goals and theirs are entirely immiscible. There can be no truce or understanding. Our only viable option is to fight back without remorse or regret. The good news is that we’re built for it and we thrive on it. It’s what makes us who we are.

There is still an enormous contingent of hostile leftists who are cooking up innumerable schemes to punish us now, and even moreso in the event they regain direct political power on a large scale. Their pet aliens are still coming in by the tens of thousands, being waved in by Jewish and Christian organizations which reap enormous rewards for their efforts. These newcomers truly believe they’re entitled to snatch our birthright. Whether or not they’re capable of doing anything with it is irrelevant. We’re way beyond being able to reason with these people who live among us and depend on our forced largesse, yet wish us dead all the same.

We’re still subsidizing billions of dollars of fraud, graft, and the production of more hostile dependents. Millions of our youth are being indoctrinated with vicious, destructive lies at every level of education and through nearly every kind of media they consume. International interests control huge chunks of vital national resources and have cadres of purchased politicians to protect their investments. We have a Black population that is still completely out of control, committing violence against our people at astonishing rates and incurring insurmountable expenses as they destroy every community they inhabit. Consumer, corporate and governmental debt has accrued far beyond the threshold of being manageable.  And that’s just here in the United States.

Rather than blackpills, these are fundamental, critical problems that will have to be solved by a variety of solutions imposed at multiple levels of reinvented government. They will change everything about our societies, regardless of who ultimately prevails in this global struggle. We are the only political movement that shows clear recognition of these issues along with their root causes, therefore we are the only ones who can provide real solutions. But you, the reader, have to contribute. With truth on your side, your efforts are far more potent. Our opponents spend millions of dollars and hours in meetings trying in vain to combat memes we make in a few minutes for free. If you’re east of the Mississippi and you’re not going to be at Charlottesville on August 12th, you better have one hell of a doctor’s note. You should be outside at rallies and protests giving those who could be on our side the irrefutable justifications for our positions. You should be a member of some organization, be it a local pool party or something nationwide. You should be contributing to our causes however you can. This is a war for our future, and it is being fought in schools, delivery rooms, voting booths, city halls, social media platforms, university campuses, and public spaces. You can and must participate to the best of your ability. If we can’t reclaim and defend our birthright by whatever means necessary, we don’t deserve to have it.

We have everything to gain, and everything to lose.

Jazzhands McFeels

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