Charlottesville Government, Police Conspire with Communists to Shut Down Peaceful Rally

Charlottesville Government, Police Conspire with Communists to Shut Down Peaceful Rally

The blood of the dead and injured at Charlottesville is on the hands of the Charlottesville government, the Viginia governor, the police, and their communist Alt-Left shock troops, not the Alt Right.

by Jay Lorenz

Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, various right-wing groups showed up to hold a peaceful rally at Lee Park. Hundreds attended to hear several speakers, including Alt Right celebrities Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch. As the attendees approached the park before the event, they were sprayed with mace and acid, beaten with sticks, and pelted with bricks, containers of urine and feces, and other projectiles by Antifa and other leftists while the police watched. As the organizers and speakers approached the podium area, they were blocked off by police. After a period of time, the police told them to leave due to a state of emergency being declared by anti-White Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe and began pushing them back into the violent mob of communists. From there, carnage ensued.

For months, organizers had coordinated a security plan with Charlottesville police. When the time came to execute it, police obeyed orders from their anti-White leadership, including Jewish Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer, and attacked the peaceful attendees instead of protecting them. The Charlottesville government never had any intention of allowing the peaceful protesters to express their first amendment rights, and conspired to shut down the legally sanctioned rally before it had even started. At the orders of the government, the police joined legion with the communist agitators to gang up on the peaceful demonstrators.

The media and politicians (including Republicans) are out in full force distorting the truth of the event, calling the peaceful attendees “domestic terrorists.” There is an obvious inconsistency in this narrative. If this was a “terrorist rally,” then who were they planning to attack? “Unite the Right” was the only group that had a permit to protest that day. How could they have planned to attack people who they did not even know would be there? The reverse makes far more sense, and is in fact true. The communist demonstrators showed up to engage in terrorism against the peaceful right-wingers, who they knew would be there. If a leftist rally is held, no right-wingers show up at all, let alone people with guns and bricks ready to do violence. If an Alt Right rally is held, hundreds of people descend, attempting to attack us. Communists protested the torch lit rally the day before and were outnumbered 20:1, maybe worse. No violence occurred. If the Alt Right wanted to do violence, why would they not have struck the outnumbered communists? The idea of this as a terrorist event makes no sense under even the slightest amount of scrutiny.

The media narrative on the police is also falling apart. As they watched the media coverage, people had to wonder where exactly the police were. If the national guard was there and 1,000 police officers, how could this violence be taking place? The fact is that the police made no attempt  at preventing the violence. Videos are surfacing on the internet that show the police doing nothing as people are beaten in the street.The media came out uniformly in favor of the communist agitators and against the peaceful demonstrators,  but no one trusts the media, and their narrative is falling apart.

No violence would have occurred on Saturday if not for the actions of the governor, the mayor, and the Charlottesville police. The real story is coming out, and the narrative will be flipped on its face. Instead of letting us speak about the anti-White hate and oppression in the United States, the city of Charlottesville, the governor of Virginia, and the Charlottesville police proved our point for us. They took away our most basic rights, then told the world that we alone do not deserve to have them.

The Charlottesville event has many implications moving forward. Winning the civil rights lawsuits that will be filed is key. We can easily prove that our first amendment rights were violated by the city of Charlottesville. If the court decides to uphold the law, it should be an easy victory. Another positive from the event is that it will increase anti-White hatred in America, which will drive more people to the Alt Right. Anti-Whiteness has always been the main driving factor behind our growth, so an increase in anti-Whiteness will increase our numbers.

We now live in a new era. More than ever, people will feel morally justified in attacking people in the Alt Right and other right-wing groups. People on all sides will come to political rallies with more weapons, more protective gear, and more aggression. Charlottesville has created the expectation of violence. For better and worse, this will be the new norm.

For the Alt Right, it is vital that we fight back even harder now. The rallies must continue. We must not be silent. We must send a message to the vile anti-White system which seeks to destroy us: you will not succeed. You have only strengthened our resolve. We will win.


Jay Lorenz

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