Texas A&M Bans Richard Spencer, Setting Up Another Court Victory for Alt Right

Texas A&M Bans Richard Spencer, Setting Up Another Court Victory for Alt Right

Texas A&M is attempting to stop a White Lives Matter event featuring Richard Spencer. The Law says they can’t.

by Jay Lorenz

On Monday, Texas A&M University announced that it is canceling the White Lives Matter event scheduled to take place on September 11th. The organizers invited Richard Spencer to speak, triggering a response from the anti-White university. In a statement, the university said the “event creates a major security risk on our campus,” and that, “the daylong event would provide disruption to our class schedules and to student, faculty and staff movement.” Of course, the university knows that what it is attempting to do is not legal. This will be taken to court and the event organizers will win, just as they did in Auburn and Charlottesville. Texas A&M still thought it was worth a try to ban the rally, or simply felt it had to put up the impression that it was #resisting the “Nazis.” However, there is a firm precedent in place: you cannot cancel a legally sanctioned event simply because people wish to do violence to those holding the event. Everyone understands why this is the case. If it weren’t, anyone could just threaten a speaker they don’t like and then that person could never speak in public. That would be ridiculous, and it would encourage people to make threats against those with opposing views. For whatever reason, liberals think that this rule doesn’t apply to the Alt Right and other right-wingers.

The issue was discussed in the Texas House of Representatives and Senate, where it was unanimously railed against on legally questionable grounds. Republican Senator Charles Schwertner stated, “The First Amendment also allows us to respond in kind, to stand up and say what we believe as a society, as Americans and as Texans. We should not stand for bigotry, for violence, for racism,” in reference to the illegal banning of the event. This is a complete perversion of the first amendment. The senator actually cited the first amendment as reason to shut down speech. He also said that the first amendment allows leftists to threaten violence, the very thing which makes the event dangerous in the first place. So, to Texas legislators, the first amendment covers shutting down speech, threatening violence over speech, but not speech itself. The establishment is performing all sorts of contortions to prevent the Alt Right from exercising our right to free speech.

Spencer has since spoken out about the attempted cancellation. In an interview with Chron.com, he said, “What this is based on is this notion [that] the antifa, or the counter-protest, might be violent. They are worried there will be violence associated with this. You cannot suppress free speech on that basis.” He is right. The Alt Right cannot be denied a platform simply because the people who do not like us are violent. Spencer went on to call Texas A&M’s argument “weak,” and stated, “we won a federal judgment and it might be fun to win another.” The Alt Right always wins in court, because the Alt Right is on the right side of the law. It will be nice to take our leftist hecklers to court and win once again. The rally will take place at Texas A&M on September 11, and there is nothing they can do to stop it.


Jay Lorenz

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