The Unbearable Cuckoldry of Paul Ryan

The Unbearable Cuckoldry of Paul Ryan

At a town hall, Paul Ryan spoke about America’s race problem, insulting the Republican base and firmly siding with the anti-White left. 

by Jay Lorenz

We have become accustomed, even numb, to it, but in last Monday’s CNN Wisconsin town hall, Paul Ryan’s cuckoldry and disdain for his party’s base was almost unbearable to watch. During the event, Ryan lamented the resistance many White Americans are putting up against their dispossession, looking at several points as though he might cry. Ryan agreed to do the town hall with hostile CNN, which he knew, in light of the events in Charlottesville, would be centered around castigating and demonizing White Americans and attempting to blame the president for America’s race problem. He started out by heaping praise upon the president for committing to stay in the useless and expensive war in Afghanistan. After that, he got right down to business doing what he does best: kowtowing to the left.

The first question asked from the audience was about race relations, and it came from a Black man. Of course, CNN chose a glasses-wearing, relatively intelligent young mulatto. Paul Ryan became visibly excited at the prospect of cucking to a real-life Black on national television. Ryan began by bumbling over a statement about “moral clarity” and not making equivocations between “neo-Nazis” and “peaceful protesters.” He then said, about Trump, “What he did two days ago in commending the peaceful protests against the hate in Boston was a good start.” Ryan was referring to the violent antifa who attacked and  threw urine at peaceful pro-Trump rally-goers and police officers in Boston. The people in Boston were not hateful. The people in Boston were not even Alt Right. They were normal conservatives and Alt-Lite types holding a rally in support of free speech. Instead of acknowledging this, Ryan encouraged and praised violent attacks against his own party’s voters. Ryan has now stated on multiple occasions that he believes anarchist and communist rioters are completely acceptable, and even just, in the face of a non-violent pro-white, or even pro-free speech message.

Despite disagreements on taxes, health care, and other mundane issues, Republicans and Democrats subscribe to the same egalitarian state ideology and team up to suppress any deviation from it. Ryan exemplified that, saying, “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat, doesn’t matter if you’re pro-life or pro-choice, it doesn’t matter if you want to be drilling for oil or leave it in the ground, or you want big government or smaller government. Every single one of us needs to unify and stand up against this repugnant, vile bigotry.” In 2017, it doesn’t matter what your other beliefs are—the dispossession of the White race is non-negotiable. Paul Ryan  will fight harder than anyone to make sure that no other opinion on the subject is tolerated.

Ryan then continued, “What I worry about in this situation is that we get numbed to this. That we sort of start to lose our sense of outrage against these White supremacists and these neo-Nazis.” How could anyone following the news over the past few weeks possibly be worried that there has not been enough outrage? The outrage over Charlottesville has been so intense that it set off a series of riots and vandalism across the country, and has caused city governments to tear down many historical American monuments. It has also unleashed a tide of anti-White hate that sees non-Whites in the street bragging about the replacement of Whites in their own homeland and White people being stabbed simply because of their race. Where is the outrage over this? Alt Right sites are being kicked off the internet and people are losing their jobs simply for attending a legal political event. This isn’t enough outrage? One wonders what sort of punishment would satisfy Paul Ryan’s blood thirst.

Charlottesville has caused anti-Whites to be more open about their plans for White genocide.

To further dehumanize people on the right, Ryan stated, “I have a hard time believing, if you’re standing in a crowd to protest something and you see all these anti-Semitic slogans and the hi (sic) Hitlers and the swastikas that you’re good with that and you’re a good person. You’re not a good person if you’re there. This is so very clear.” He again makes no mention of the violent communist rioters, but says that one guy with a flag makes everyone else there evil. Most people who attended would not have even seen any Nazi symbols or heard any Nazi slogans (I didn’t) until they saw it on the news, not that it would justify calling them evil if they had. By Ryan’s logic, if one person in the town hall crowd were wearing a shirt with a swastika on it, Paul Ryan would be a bad person for sharing a forum with them, even though he had no idea. But this isn’t about logic, it is about cucking.

Ryan continued to show that he is more worried about suppressing dissent in his own party than attacking the other side: “I don’t think any of us has done enough. I think we all have a lot more to do.. . to make sure that these guys don’t get normalized.” Notice that Ryan is not worried about the normalization of pedophilia or the normalization of child abuse through transgender hormone treatment by the left. He is worried about the normalization of White identity, something this country has had for almost all of its history. He is worried about the normalization of normalcy, but lets unconscionable forms of degeneracy slide.

Next, he was asked a question by Rabbi Dena Feingold. She whined about anti-Semitism and claimed (with no evidence) that her synagogue was forced to hire extra security so that it would not be attacked by White supremacists during services. She then asked Ryan why he wasn’t doing more to obstruct Trump, including voting for the censure measure put forth by Democrats. He disagreed with censure, not on the grounds that it was complete nonsense and bad for his party, but on the grounds that it was not the best way to fight racism. Ryan instead wanted to “unite against this vile and repugnant bigotry.” According to Ryan, Republicans are the real social justice warriors.

He then made the case for taking away basic rights from those with pro-White views: “I think the internet has given these guys fuel. I think the internet has given these people, who are fringe, oxygen. And I think every single one of us has more to do to make sure we deny them their oxygen and this fuel. . . whether there are laws that need to be passed to improve this, that may be the case.” This was not just traditional cucking. This was disturbing. He literally said he would pass a law that makes right-wing and pro-White content illegal on the internet. This is supposed to be one of the leaders of America’s right-wing political party, and he wants to make right-wing politics illegal. Ryan clearly feels threatened, not only by the left whom he is cucking for, but the Alt Right as a challenger to the conservatives’ hold on the Republican party. He wants to squash his main source of competition.

 He then condemned James Fields as a terrorist, after being prompted by a Sikh who has been allowed to live in Wisconsin, before any investigation has taken place. After that, Ryan was in his comfort zone, talking about mundane issues such as health care and tax reform. He freely railed against Democrats on these issues, while refusing to oppose them on anything that really matters. At the very end of the event, moderator Jake Tapper brought up Steve Scalise, the congressman who was shot by a leftist terrorist this summer. Ryan told everyone to pray for him, but did not take the opportunity to denounce leftist violence and terrorism. He refused to denounce antifa and he refused to denounce the violent brand of leftism that led to Scalise’s severe injury. Instead, he focused on attacking and degrading normal White people within his own party. When the left needs to find a Republican to grovel for them, they know where to look. No one cucks harder or more thoroughly than Paul Ryan.


Jay Lorenz

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