Fash the Nation Episode 90: Moore Nationalism

Fash the Nation Episode 90: Moore Nationalism

Marcus Halberstram returns with Jazzhands this week to celebrate the long-anticipated eclipse of nationalism over Trumpism. As the culture war being fought on the behalf of White America continues to rage on, mainstream cuckservatism lashes out as it sprints toward obscurity. From the NFL to Puerto Rico, to Bannon’s major push to crash the GOP with no survivors, tune in for another exciting episode of America’s favorite Republican podcast.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:02:00 Moore Nationalism

00:14:00 Crashing the GOP w/ No Survivorsh

00:29:00 Soyboy Sasse

00:39:00 NFL Back on Track?

00:50:00 The Europa Report

01:00:00 Culture War

01:15:00 DACA Outlook

01:20:00 Breaking Ground on the Wall/White Pill Segment

01:47:00 Israel

01:52:00 Puerto Rico

02:02:00 Dems

02:15:00 Wrap-Up

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