Fash the Nation Week 87: Litmus Test

11 September 2017 Fash the Nation

McFeels and Halberstram discuss DACA and where we think both Congress and the Trump administration will land on what will prove to be a pivotal moment of Trump’s presidency. They also delve into of Bannon’s interview on 60 Minutes as well as your weekly dose of white pills, black pills, and all around hard-hitting analysis of the past week’s events from an Alt-Right perspective.

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00:00:00 Intro and overview
00:01:00 DACA Discussion
00:30:00 Bannon Interview
00:47:00 Cohn Cucked himself
00:55:00 Europa Report
01:05:00 Debt Ceiling
01:15:00 Tax Reform
01:25:00 IRS scandal
01:32:00 N.H. Election fraud
01:38:00 N.J.’s Dem Senator Menendez
01:42:00 Rapid fire hot takes
01:55:00 Word of the day and Sign off