Orwellian Escalation and the German Election

Orwellian Escalation and the German Election

Germans voted for stability today. That means the continuation of a disturbing situation.

by Jay Lorenz

Today, Germans headed to the polls to choose to their new parliament. This election has the feel, not of a major event, but of a minor procedural ceremony. The policies will remain the same. The elites will remain the same. Due to an extreme left-wing politics and an authoritarian regime, Germany is evolving into a repressive security state engaged in war against its own people. The two biggest parties are Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) headed by Martin Schulz. Of these two major candidates for chancellor, one, Merkel, unilaterally made the decision to turn Germany into an Islamic country within three generations through her immigration policies. The other is a Jewish-German Israeli loyalist who has said, “For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” Neither cares at all for the interests of Germans, instead plotting schemes to pilfer their resources and give them to others. According to exit polls, Merkel is poised to easily win her fourth chancellorship. Regardless, Germany will continue to be controlled by a hostile elite which actively works against its national interest. The government’s anti-German attitude, mass censorship, and psychological manipulation give modern Germany a dystopian aura.

During the campaign, Germans have been bombarded with propaganda from their government. The only real alternative to the current regime, Alternative for Germany (AfD), has been ruthlessly attacked and branded as the new Nazi party. On Friday, Schulz called them the “gravediggers of democracy.” AfD is the only major party which opposes mass immigration and supports the continuation of German culture—stances which the current government does not tolerate. Promisingly, AfD looks to be the third largest party in the election, which would make it the largest opposition party after the Christian Democrats and Socialists likely form a coalition. However, all other parties in the national parliament have declared that they will refuse to work with AfD, as it enters the Bundestag for the first time.

In addition to smearing the opposition, the German government has taken a page out of the Democrats’ book by raising the specter of Russian influence in the election. Hans-Georg Maassen, president of Germany’s domestic security agency, has said that his agency has stopped phishing attacks directed at Merkel, and that “Our counterpart [in Russia] is trying to generate information that can be used for disinformation or for influence operations.” Early in the campaign, Merkel brought up the possibility that Russia could influence the election: “We are already, even now, having to deal with information out of Russia or with internet attacks that are of Russian origin or with news which sows false information. . . it may be that this could also play a role during the election campaign.”

Now that polling numbers show the election to be well in hand for Merkel, they have gradually backed off the claims. They contend that, of course, there was Russian influence, but not enough to worry about—this time. It’s hard not to think that if AfD were fifteen points higher in the polls, the Russians would have “hacked the election.” If AfD continues to rise in the polls for the next election, we may hear that it is due to Kremlin assistance.

These election tactics just scratch the surface of the German government’s operations. Germans have been attacked on a psychological level for decades through a program of brainwashing and mental abuse.

Central to the plot are the narratives of White guilt and collective guilt. This is being pushed in all White countries—our ancestors were racists guilty of history’s greatest crimes. Whites are born with the original sin of Whiteness, handed down to them from their evil ancestors. Whites must atone, it is said, by surrendering territory and resources to non-Whites whom they have historically wronged. Germany, because of its World War II past, is uniquely vulnerable to those arguments. The blood of the Nazis, the most evil people who ever lived, is pulsing through the veins of Germans. Now, they are told, they have the opportunity to redeem themselves by giving Germany to non-Whites. The erasure of German culture and people is a moral good.

Along with this, Germany is one of the most censored countries in the West. There is a ban on NSDAP symbols and questioning the government’s official narrative on World War II. A new law fines social networking sites up to $56 million if they fail to remove illegal “hate speech” content within 24 hours. By “hate speech” the German government means any posts which contain factual information about migrants or are critical of Angela Merkel. Although the German courts decided not to ban the country’s farthest right-wing party, the National Democratic Party of Germany, earlier this year, they were not allowed to assemble for a peaceful event on New Year’s Eve 2016-17 to protest the assault of over 1,000 women there the previous New Year’s Eve. The German court decided not ban NPD, not because it is constitutionally protected, but because the party is not large enough to pose a serious threat.

This is a country where simply investigating the past has been made illegal. Old women are thrown in jail for their historical opinions. Germar Rudolf was sentenced to prison for publishing a chemical analysis of the Auschwitz gas chambers. 

The German government also institutes an inverse morality, where good and evil have switched spots. Nationalism is taboo, but Sharia patrols are allowed. Patriots are fined and threatened with jail for voicing concern about migrants, while those very migrants are raping German women with impunity. Germany is being invaded, and it is illegal to fight back.

The foundation is laid for a much more extreme repression of Germans. A system is in place to keep them subdued. A narrative is in place to give moral superiority to an invading population which is set to become the majority. What kinds of atrocities are in store for the future? The situation of White South Africans always comes to mind when thinking of the fate of a hated White minority. A future like theirs is bleak.

AfD’s despicable Nazi ad, which reads, “New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves.”

Already, a massive demographic transition is underway—40% of children under five are not German. Many more are coming. The erasure of Germans is being encouraged at the highest levels. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble called for German women to mix with male Arabs and Africans, otherwise Germany would head towards degenerating in inbreeding.” An AfD advertisement encouraging Germans to have children has been attacked as racist—the very idea of German children existing in the future is a source of contention in the country. Jewish-German politician Grego Gysi has referred to ethnic Germans as “Nazis” and celebrated the fact that they are dying off, claiming that they must replace themselves with migrants due to the sins of the Nazi years:

Islam is peace. Diversity is strength. Germans must be replaced.

An Orwellian state is forming in the heart of Europe.


Jay Lorenz

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