The Implied Whiteness of Villainy in Pop Culture

The Implied Whiteness of Villainy in Pop Culture

Whites are engaged in a historic crime spree—in movies and on television.

by Wright O’Center

You are not alone, dear reader, in noticing the crime wave in cinema and television. Whites are on an absolute rampage, leading gangs of hooligans, all the way up to entire intergalactic empires. At the forefront of every sharply dressed group of ideologues is usually a blonde-haired blue-eyed monster who wants to squash the diverse and scrappy group of protagonists. One of you rock chuckers may say this is by design, and you would be right to some extent, but this is more an accidentally cracked window into the mind of Hollywood producers and writers and how they view us. Come along with me to explore the perverse minds of the Proboscis-Americans behind this phenomenon and what we can do to remove their neuroses from the zeitgeist.

For most of you I assume “binary opposition” isn’t a new concept. For you knuckle draggers, binary opposition is a common necessity for a lot of leftist ideologies. It’s the idea that there is always a black and white, a good and evil, or an abuser and victim. For a lot of stories in Hollywood the exploration or rehashing of this idea is their very backbone. A hero, of any ethnicity, takes on the ultimate evil and saves. . .whatever he’s trying to save. With remarkable consistency, that ultimate evil is White.

Sure, a White man can be a hero and save his quarter-Latina love interest, but the antagonist is always a White man as well. This shows how they really view themselves in comparison to us. They’re underdogs and freedom fighters, while we hold the power. They view us as an oppressive force that takes action against their well-being and goals. Sure, one of us may help them from time to time, but almost all of the things in their way are. . . us.

This whole affair drives home the idea to the viewers that there is a perpetual struggle, a revolution against order and strength that never really ends. To subvert such things is to be victorious. Whites are the villain, and they wish to bring about an oppressive structure against those who just want to be left alone.

Thisidea of one side being all White is a very dangerous one. It alienates us from the other groups. Sure, this is something we want, just not with a huge target on our backs. They’ve “zombified” White people. We’ve become cannon fodder for the culture war.

We aren’t really human.

Decades of Nazi Zombies, Wolfenstein, and other WWII style games have base-coated this painting of White hatred. Expand that into the world-view these people have, where they are the oppressed in a perpetual war against the oppressor, and suddenly Whites have become nothing more than paper targets at a gun range. Nothing more than objects.

An excellent example of this is from the newest Star Wars video game, where the main character of the story campaign is some mystery-meat woman. She is a villain in this story, helping the Empire and all, but she is is the main character. They can’t even have the player see the world through the eyes of a White person, even if the head they’re attached to is evil. They literally have to alienate the player from Whites being sympathetic humans in any way.

The dehumanizing of Whites is really what this is all about. It’s to paint us as an “other” without any real peer. No minority was a Nazi nor has a Black ever flown a TIE fighter. A Black will only rescue you, but a white is just a coin flip away from total genocide. Pair this with Black Twitter memes about White people shooting up schools, and you will see an intricate web of anti-Whiteness.

Of course, Whites are expected to take this in stride. We are told that this is some way of representing our historical actions through fiction, and Whites naturally create power structures to disenfranchise other peoples. Never mind the fact that the very people claiming this are doing the exact thing against us. They know in their hearts we are more capable than them at these things, so they resort to polluting the culture around us to degrade our position and strengthen their own.

Now, I can kvetch all day about being oppressed and stomped on, but our movement hasn’t gotten as far as it has by bitching and moaning. There is a practical and easily implemented solution to this. Our greatest allies in this fight are our normie friends and families. You can easily bring up simple facts when trailers come on TV for movies but they MUST be coated with a thin varnish of deception. Become the Jew.

It may be too on the nose to say “Aw hell, another White guy villain?” but a little bit of “Why does that guy always get cast as bad guys?” is a good lead into a discussion. Many White actors do get type cast as baddies in their careers so this should be an easy bit to pull out. Christoph Walts, Malcolm McDowell, and Hugo Weaving come to mind. Often it’s said “they simply look evil” in response to questioning this phenomenon, but this can easily be countered with the pinnacle of debate: “why?”.

It’s up to us to enshrine our people, because nobody will do it for us. Our people have built civilization where none was, so we shouldn’t let some producer run our race through a  gauntlet of vilification. Make a stand for us in the hearts and minds of those most affected by this brain washing—other whites who will soon come to believe that they belong to some evil hate group by merit of being White. Make being White great again.


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