Trump Doubles Down, Banning More of the Third World

Trump Doubles Down, Banning More of the Third World

On Sunday evening, Trump extended the travel ban, adding more undesirables to the list.

by Jay Lorenz

As the previous travel ban on six Muslim countries ( Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan) expired on Sunday, Trump signed a new order, extending the ban on five of the six countries, while adding Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela to the ban. Curiously, Trump chose to exclude Sudan this time around, though it is currently unclear why. The ban is slated to be indefinite, instead of the 90 days of the previous order.

That ban began in June, after the Supreme Court unanimously allowed a revised version of the travel ban to be enforced. The original ban was struck down by activist judges in the circuit courts.

Trump’s official White House press release:

“Following an extensive review by the Department of Homeland Security, we are taking action today to protect the safety and security of the American people by establishing a minimum security baseline for entry into the United States. We cannot afford to continue the failed policies of the past, which present an unacceptable danger to our country. My highest obligation is to ensure the safety and security of the American people, and in issuing this new travel order, I am fulfilling that sacred obligation.”

This is not the boldest rhetoric, but the policy gets the job done. With the supreme court scheduled to hear oral arguments about the ban on October 10, Trump is best off not using inflammatory rhetoric. It shouldn’t matter—the president has the legal authority to ban any group of people from entering the country—but liberal judges have been known to vote based on feelings rather than the law in modern America. The court’s decision to uphold the ban temporarily in June makes it likely that the ban will upheld officially in October. Trump will then have the opportunity to ban more and more third world people from America, while immigration activists flail helplessly.


Jay Lorenz

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