Bob Corker and the GOP Death Rattle

Bob Corker is the quintessential example of everything White America hates about the Republican Party.

Bob Corker and the GOP Death Rattle

 by Jazzhands McFeels

The election of Donald Trump was a culminating moment, but it represented just the first phase of what will be a massive transformation in American politics. This evolutionary moment began long before Trump ever considered running for public office and it will continue throughout what we hope will be a two term presidency and beyond. The (re)awakening of the White electorate has shaken the beltway to its core, with Bob Corker’s pathetic meltdown just the latest episode in a frenzied series of attempts to resuscitate the terminal coalition of globalist shills within the Republican Party.

In addition to his long history rebuking Trump and playing errand boy to the globalist Washington establishment,  Corker is pro-Antifa, pro-Wall Street, pro-Pharma, pro-Iraq war, pro-Saudi, anti-Iran, anti-Russia, and decidedly anti-American worker. He’s voted in favor of more chain migration, more refugees, against regulations on H-1B workers, and against an amendment that forbade illegal aliens from obtaining credit cards (((offfffcourshe.wav))). Corker has also voted with Mitch McConnell (KY Approval: 18%/National: 19%) not only to fully fund all of Obama’s executive amnesty programs, but was a vocal opponent of later amendments which sought to defund these programs. Bob Corker is a quintessential example of everything White America hates about the Republican Party.

Other members of the GOP’s anti-White Caucus

What sets Bob Corker apart from his fellow colleagues in the GOP’s anti-White Caucus, is the fact that his tenure as a U.S. Senator will span only two terms. Corker’s Senate career went up in smoke after begging President Trump to endorse and campaign for his friend Luther Strange, only to have Strange get routed in a landslide. After Trump refused to back another establishment loser in their primary, Corker announced his retirement the next day, stating:

“I also believe the most important public service I have to offer our country could well occur over the next 15 months and I want to be able to do that as thoughtfully and independently as I did the first 10 years and nine months of my Senate career.”

How many layers of virtue-signaling are you on right now, Flake?

Like 5 maybe 6 my dude.

You are like little baby. Watch this.

We’re reaching levels of virtue-signaling that shouldn’t even be possible.

If you’ve been fixated on cable news media (remember, we do that so you don’t have to), you’d know the narrative currently being spun is that poor, hapless Bob Corker woke up on Sunday morning to a barrage of caustic verbal abuse from our completely unhinged and schizophrenic POTUS; a one-sided fight that, by necessity, must be devoid of any of the above context. Even in CNN’s own timeline of Bob vs. Donald, they pretend the conversation in which Corker begged Trump to back Strange never even took place.



And of course they did. The anti-White Caucus of the Republican Party is in the process of collapsing at terminal velocity into its own footprint and Bob Corker not even being able to muster a primary challenge is evidence that they are in dire straits. On the heels of Judge Roy Moore’s landslide victory in Alabama, Steve Bannon is laying the groundwork for what could be an even more substantial upset to the Republican establishment than 2016. As we explained on Fash the Nation a few weeks ago, Bannon’s exit from the White House wasn’t in a cloud of shame and rejection as the media wanted you to believe.

This was intentional. All part of the plan. With perhaps some political theater for added effect.

On Monday night, Bannon announced that he is forming a coalition to challenge every Republican incumbent in 2018 (except for Ted Cruz).  Here’s what we know so far:

    • Rep. Marsha Blackburn for the open Senate seat in Tennessee vacated by Bob Corker
    • Attorney general Patrick Morrisey against the establishment favorite Evan Jenkins in the West Virginia Republican primary
    • Matt Rosendale against Jon Tester in Montana
    • State Attorney General Josh Hawley in the Missouri primary to challenge Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill
    • Danny Tarkanian against Dean Heller in Nevada
    • Kelli Ward against Jeff Flake in Arizona
    • Chris McDaniel against Roger Wicker in Mississippi
    • Gov. Rick Scott in Florida’s Senate race
    • Roy Moore, who already beat Luther Stranger in Alabama
    • State Treasurer Josh Mandel in Ohio’s Senate race
    • Blackwater founder Erik Prince, who Bannon is encouraging to run against John Barrasso in Wyoming.
    • Ann LePage, the wife of Maine Gov. Paul LePage, to challenge independent Sen. Angus King
Later that night on Hannity, Bannon spelled it out:


We’re coming after all of them. No one in the Republican Party is safe. Just voting (for Trump’s agenda) isn’t enough. There must be a real sense of URGENCY.

White pills abound, but make no mistake – we have A LOT of work ahead of us in the coming months. It is up to Trump whether or not he wants to remain in harmony with the rising tide of nationalism or be eclipsed by it, but one thing is for certain: We’re going to crash the Republican Party with no survivors.

Jazzhands McFeels

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