Buy a Gun, You Cuck

Buy a Gun, You Cuck

The rifle is the quintessential machine of Western man. No household should be without one.

 by Wright O’Center

The gun control debate will continue in the coming months. Some restriction may very well come, albeit very neutered and just for the bump fire stock. It is our duty to take a stand against these affronts to this quintessential icon of the American White man. The people attacking this are attacking the idea of Whiteness, White culture, and White thought processes. White Americans are  inclined to forethought and planning, it’s why the AR platform and other rifles like that appeal to us. We see the need for them against an encroaching government and an openly hostile society. This is an affront to the feminized, brainlet mindset that is being pushed in our modern society; the idea that we would use these guns for VIOLENCE is shocking and horrible. Of course, these types will ignore the context of such situations for they believe the world operates only within their narrow experience.

The first thing we need to recognize is the profile of the typical grabber. First, they want all guns out of the hands of citizens, 100%, no compromise. The gun grabber is usually a White soyboy, a woman, or some minority college teacher, who has never used a firearm. Each of these groups has its own reason to want firearms done away with.

The effeminate soyboys want them done away with because they see the firearm as an advantage over them in a ring they don’t want to enter. They want (the government) to kick down your door and make sure you aren’t doing wrong-think, and they do not want you to be able to retaliate. It is dangerous for them to let you have guns if their ideology is to ever be implemented in any serious capacity. We can see this in leftist organizations at rallies who want to suppress through violent tactics. They want to leave you no out and drive you into the metaphorical ocean.

Women are in a similar boat, but they also are easily swayed by emotional appeals. They see firearms as an attack on group harmony and a potential danger, the idea never crosses their minds they too can use firearms for their defense. They are the type to get things banned from school because one kid cannot access it. The tactic of appealing to women’s emotions has been used since they have had a voice in politics.

Minorities view guns as a problem caused by ghettoization, which in turn is caused by White men keeping them down. A gun ban won’t cure the ills within their communities, but will simply lead to the use of a different implementacid or knives or something else. They, like women, don’t want you access something they cannot have. They cannot be trusted with guns, therefore neither can you.

This one issue illustrates the cement swimsuit nature of these people on our society and Western civilization. Instead of bringing up a society, they seek to bring it down to the lowest level of capabilities of the citizenry. This is why we must defend our gun rights at all costs. The second thing we, as a people, need to acknowledge is the implicit Whiteness of big-brained gun ownership. We need to peacefully adopt weapons as part of our daily lives and communities. Obviously I am not advocating for us to do armed marches, but I mean this in a more personal social circle sense. You must work on your coworkers and friends into this lifestyle.

Shooting guns and range trips are excellent ways to bring other Whites into the movement, as gun ownership, because of the media and leftists, has a distinct otherness about it. We must embrace it like we embrace Sunday driving and going on family bike rides. I have brought about 3 of my coworkers into gun ownership just by inviting them out for a free range trip. It’s really easy to wake people up to modern issues and society through a range trip. It shows that the media and politicians have lied about gun ownership, and by the transitive property, White people.

The biggest step is personal gun ownership. It’s very easy depending on what state you live in. First, order a rifle kit. I would suggest this one, as it is very cheap and only requires the purchasing of a lower receiver. It can also be shipped right to your door as it technically isn’t a gun. Just go into any local gunshop and buy whatever stripped lower receiver is there. This will require a background check and, sometimes, a special permit so check your local laws. Look up on YouTube “how to assemble a stripped lower receiver,” and watch whatever video you find the most helpful. You will not need any special tools other than gun oil, gun grease, a hammer, and a flat head screwdriver. Some people in the videos will have special vices but those just make things a tad easier.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Make gun ownership a White cultural staple again, so when they come for the guns they will be coming for our communities. It will help our movement greatly, as it will wake up normal working class men and women to the attacks on Whites. Once they disarm us, don’t think for a second that will be the end of things. They are trying to normalize violence against us, and it’s very likely the Las Vegas shooter was the result of that.

We must defend our people with our voices. But our voices must be backed with firepower. 


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