Fash the Nation 92: Immoral High Ground

Fash the Nation 92: Immoral High Ground

Whether it’s the Democratic Party, Russian collusion narratives, the GOP, academia, sportsball, or Hollywood; the pillars of the establishment are now full engulfed in the flames of their own hubris. It’s almost too perfect – just as Trump clinching a culture war victory with the NFL, Hollywood’s most prominent degenerate Jew fuck Harvey Weinstein is now the target of an FBI probe and 3 separate police investigations on multiple coasts and continents. Meanwhile, as Bob Corker fades into obscurity, Steve Bannon has declared war on the Republican Party, targeting every GOP incumbent (except Ted Cruz) in 2018. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

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00:00:00 Intro & Site updates & Donations
00:07:00 Economy Poasting
00:10:00 Tillerson Rumors
00:15:00 Gorka Interview
00:23:00 Fake News
00:27:00 Iran Deal
00:31:00 NFL & NASCAR
00:46:30 Immigration
01:01:00 Bannon and 2018
01:08:00 The Right is the problem
01:18:00 Europa Report
01:28:00 Weinstein
01:52:00 Democrats
02:05:00 California Takes
02:08:00 Top 50 Cities
02:10:00 Word of the day & sign off
Jazzhands McFeels

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