Fash the Nation 94: Soy Boy Insurgency

Fash the Nation 94: Soy Boy Insurgency

From Jeff Flake to Ben Sasse, the Republican establishment foolishly believes its soy boy insurgency can somehow be victorious. Nothing is more laughable (or telling) than to hear these hapless charlatans shill for things like pro-immigration or free trade while at the same being rejected by moderate Democrats. With the Boomerang Effect™ increasing in intensity through the Mueller probe expanding its focus to the Podesta group and the unraveling of the Trump-Russia dossier in such a way to inflict maximum collateral damage on the DNC, the Clintons, and the Obama administration, it has turned out to be yet another exciting week in American politics. All this and more is ahead on Fash the Nation!

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Episode Timestamps:

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:00 Boomerang Effect: Manafort/DNC/Clintons/Obama Admin

0:36:00 Merch

0:38:00 Soy Boy Insurgency

1:03:00 VA Governor’s Race

1:13:00 The Europa Report

1:23:00 Halprin’s Hard On

1:41:00 White Awakening

1:51:00 White Pills

2:10:00 Word of the Day

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