Germany Continues to Commit Suicide

Demonizing German identity while flooding the country with immigrants, Germany rushes to abolish itself. 

Germany Continues to Commit Suicide

by Gaius Marcius

Germany continues to receive the good cop/bad cop routine from the international community over refugee policy. Angela Merkel used Germany’s position as the most powerful continental economy to open the floodgates of immigration in 2016, and many Germans who have been indoctrinated to believe that their own existence is practically Nazism hoped that welcoming migrants would absolve them of the stigma of racism and White supremacy.

No matter how much the Germans do, and no matter how much the world praises their efforts, there are always more refugees and migrants looking for a home in Europe. The UN recently praised the immigration policy of Germany only to propose increases in the number of migrants accepted under the guise of family reunification. Other members of the international community are not so tactful. The German press is a regular platform for dissatisfied immigrants who relate stories of discrimination and urge the German people to do more for the foreigners within their borders. It does not take much prompting to activate the White guilt of many Germans, and native columnists are often as harsh as immigrants in their assessment of German racism and xenophobia. The absolute incoherence of national identity in modern Germany was on full display at a protest in Berlin against the right-wing AfD party that recently won seats in the legislature:

The crowd that showed up on Sunday was an example of the diversity of German society. Some of the protesters had immigration backgrounds; others came out of a sense of duty stemming from the country’s Nazi past.

“I was born in Korea, but I grew up in Germany and have lived here for 40 years,” one woman said. “I want to say: ‘This is my land.’ I think in a democracy you have to fight for that.”

“I think as a German you have a responsibility to ensure that parties like the AfD never again have the final say in German politics,” a man said.

German politics may be dominated by World War 2 guilt, but Germans still retain many traditional sensibilities about public order and cleanliness. Unfortunately, the populace does not seem to connect unwanted social changes to immigration policy, so even the most basic elements of a first world standard of living will fall by the wayside in the coming years. Berliners, for instance, are concerned about the mess and wastefulness of tourists and hipsters in their city. Not to worry.  In Muslim majority Berlin there won’t be any bars, nightclubs, or techno music to disturb the sleep of the residents. Whether that is worth trading for 5 daily muezzin calls to prayer and halal animal slaughter in the streets is a question most Germans won’t ask until it is too late.

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