Jewish Privilege

Despite endless complaints about “White privilege,” a different ethnic group is privileged above all others in the West: Jews.

Jewish Privilege

by Ash Brighton

The notion of “White privilege” originates from Peggy McIntosh’s essay “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” This idea, which is so weak it has to be conceptualized as a metaphor wrapped in an abstraction, has been thoroughly dismantled. The best debunking I’ve read is by the prolific writer Lawrence Murray in his series “Skinning the Invisible Knapsack.” Regardless, the “White privilege” myth has been used as a justification for the abundant double-standards Whites experience on a daily basis. Even more alarming is its use as a means to excuse and justify White demographic dispossession and violence against Whites. The focus on “White privilege” is all the more misplaced considering there is a much stronger, more tangible ethnic privilege in the West: Jewish privilege.

Jewish privilege is:

Having your own ethnostate gifted to you by a nation that has hosted your group for centuries.

-Being able to conduct brutal ethnic cleansing of the native population in that country without having foreign nations intervene.

-Having it be illegal in certain countries to peacefully protest these acts of racial violence.

Being given billions of dollars in aid from other nations in the process.

White privilege, in a figure (from The Economist)

Jewish privilege, in a figure

Being able to ban entry to people who criticize the policies of your ethnostate.

-Receiving millions in taxpayer funding to establish museums commemorating your ethnicity’s sacred tragedy.

Changing the facts at will on your sacred tragedy while any non-Jew who evens asks questions about the narrative is jailed in many countries.

-Exploiting your sacred tragedy to extract tax-exempt reparations payments in perpetuity even from the taxpayers of the nations which fought to liberate the camps.

Whining that those nations didn’t liberate the camps quickly enough, and using that complaint to justify fighting wars and bringing in more dependents from the Third World:

Martha Raddatz, from the second 2016 Presidential Debate

-Being responsible for the creation and propagation of  Communism, the most murderous and destructive political movement in the history of mankind, and still being able to freely advocate for it without facing the slightest legal, and in many cases, social, repercussions.

-Having state legislatures in the United States seriously consider the criminal persecution of people who discuss criticizing or boycotting Israel.

-Being able to freely advocate for your own ethnic interests via thousands of tax-exempt advocacy organizations operating at all scales and in all spheres of influence.

-Being able to set up ethnically homogeneous communities with their own police forces without facing government interference.

-Being able to legally engage in horrific public animal abuse.

-Getting away with faking hate crimes against your ethnic group and still claiming a dramatic increase in such attacks for political purposes.

-Having your heavily-subsidized ethnostate contribute natural disaster relief funds exclusively to your own ethnic group with hardly a peep from your controlled media outlets.

-Having a major child sex abuse problem, both in religious organizations and institutions such as Hollywood (this goes way beyond Polanski and, more recently, Weinstein), but being able to hide your “rape culture” from national scrutiny and getting away with pushing the stereotype of Catholic clergy being the primary perpetrators of such actions.

Having the chutzpah to stand on the soil of a foreign nation, help invaders disembark from their landing craft, and then give them food, medical assistance, and information on navigating the welfare systems of the host nations along the migration route, and getting away with it.

-Taking advantage of the hospitality of your host nation and their generosity in considering you a cooperative and assimilated population to pose as part of the majority group in convenient situations to hide the fact that you’re grossly disproportionately overrepresented in many national institutions, such as elite universities.

-Waltzing over to a foreign nation from your ethnostate, pretending to be a member of its majority population while making a living fomenting racial tensions against it, and then trying to silence those who point out what you’re doing. Many such cases. Sad!

-Living in South Africa, where Whites are legally discriminated against, killed by the thousands (don’t click that link), and constantly threatened with open genocide, and posing as one of them to further accelerate their dispossession.

-Living a wealthy and prosperous existence in a White nation while openly advocating for and celebrating the displacement and dispossession of its majority population.

-Did I mention there are many such cases of this shapeshifting behavior?


-See how the shapeshifting thing fools people?

But of course “Jewish privilege” is just an anti-Semitic myth.

Ash Brighton

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