Middle Aged Man Writes Poem About President to Make Blacks Feel Better

Eminem’s new song shows why Whites need to disengage from Black culture.

Middle Aged Man Writes Poem About President to Make Blacks Feel Better

by Wright O’Center

We are in peak clownworld now; paint my face and call me Dinkles. The story itself is interesting enough of a topic, but, to me and our movement, the context and implications of this story is much more interesting. A 45 year old man. . . wrote a poem. . . dressed like a ninja. . . in a parking ramp. . . surrounded by blacks. . . defending them. . . from the president. . . who isn’t attacking them in any profound way other than asking them to not disrespect the country while they receive millions to play a game, and thought it was meaningful and profound.

It blows me away still, and it happened days ago.

Right out of the gates, I think most of us do know what the context of rap is in the United States. It’s the dominant culture by virtue of being the largest minority culture, thus the most lucrative one to explicitly pander to. Even other American cultures have been tinged by it and can be marketed to through rap’s cultural trappings. You can see this in the popularity of snapback hats, excessive print branding on clothes, 4/4 bugman music, rap verses in any song, the list goes on and on.

The video of Eminem’s freestyle itself isn’t very important, but just a little important to a lot of people. It’s an embodiment of an idea that White people need to be on the side of Blacks, filtered through the artist that exposed a lot of disenfranchised White men of our generation to this genre and subculture. He’s literally a White Uncle Tom. It’s quite sad actually.

This video is a beautiful window into the mind of these trash people. Many of them have an inflated ego that demands their opinions be addressed in an official capacity. There’s a line in the song saying Trump will not have the balls to address Eminem’s poem, which is absurd for many reasons. To further the idea that it’s about ego, just look at the production value behind it and how much artificial hype was pumped into it. These people really think that they are the taste and thought makers of our time —that they are really rebelling against a tyrannic system hellbent on their destruction (God, I wish it was).

The whole thing is a laundry list of Democrat talking points, and people really do agree with it. It rallied both bases and caused some wagon circling. There are, and will be, hundreds of thousands of reactions from both sides about the (un)importance of the “song,” my article being one of them. The best thing that can be done at this point is to address the bugmen among our friends and family and challenge them on why they support the ideology backed by a grandpa doing slam poetry while dressed like a high schooler. Even White rappers are taking the Black side in the fight, and this can be used to our advantage to take our brothers back from the hold of the Jewish produced fantasy culture of faux-masculinity. Challenge this wherever you see it: “Why do you listen to rap? You’re White.”

I know this whole thing is talked over right now, but it is very important that we don’t let anything go to waste. This is an opportunity to expose this for what it is—whining and flexing over nothing. We need to filter out our friends and family from the opposition before it’s too late. This is a great opportunity.

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