Shelbyville Ground Report

Shelbyville Ground Report

by Ash Brighton

On October 28th I attended the “White Lives Matter” event in Shelbyville, Tennessee. While I’m not affiliated with any of the organizations present, I wanted to support Mike Enoch and Sacco Vandal, who have podcasts on I made the drive from Ohio with a couple of friends. With such good company it wasn’t a long drive at all. We arrived to downtown Shelbyville on Saturday morning and saw a massive law enforcement presence. There were members of the local police and sheriff’s department, as well as agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The main roads into the rally area were blocked off with large vehicles, and we were directed to the gathering area for the rally participants. There were signs at the entrance detailing the forbidden items. The list was quite long: among the forbidden items were liquids, flagpoles, and knives of any size. I wasn’t allowed to bring my backpack in, and we were each checked using metal detection wands. This intensive search delayed us for about an hour. After the initial check, we waited in a “holding area” where we had to go through a second search checkpoint where we were patted down neck-to-foot. Finally we marched about a hundred yards to the protest area where we waited for our sound system to clear security. Our rally area was across from that of the protestors, where we were separated by metal barricades and a line of law enforcement. Two helicopters flew overhead the entire time. Groups of law enforcement were clustered around the various entry points to the area, and a careful scan of the surrounding the rooftops revealed the presence of even more armed overseers. While we waited, a chubby old White man with a microphone on the protestors’ side taunted us. Finally the rally attendees all got through security, along with our equipment.

The rally layout as I saw it.

As soon as we got our equipment in-place, the speeches began. The opposition tried to drown out the rally speakers’ speeches by playing old pop songs and an MLK speech. They also told us that our sound system sucked and hurled various grade-school-tier taunts. They taunted White people as a group on several occasions. Matthew Heimbach, who is a fantastic speaker and interviews well, gave a strong speech imploring the opposition to consider his group’s positions and engage in dialogue, as they’re ultimately grounded in trying to make a better world for everyone. Heimbach detailed the current problems faced by people worldwide who are trying to fight for their sovereignty against the spread of global homogenization and the destruction of the middle class. Sacco and Mike Enoch were the final two speakers. Before Sacco took the mic, the protestors’ sound system seemed to fail and they had to fall back to using a weak megaphone. It was timely, because Sacco gave what in my opinion was the best speech of the day. Fortunately, it was recorded. Hear the guy saying “blah blah blah” in the background at first? That’s the level of discourse our opposition brings. Sacco’s rousing speech was followed up by another gem from Mike Enoch. That pair of great speeches was a great conclusion.

Having been to both the Charlottesville rally and this one, there is one common thread that stands out more than anything else: our opposition has no arguments. The only thing they can do is attempt to suppress our speech. If they can’t do it violently, then they just make noise in an attempt to drown us out.  The guy who hogged the microphone teased us about our numbers, but the protestors should have been ashamed at their own pitiful turnout. On our side, we have to pay our own way. Our cars get vandalized. We can get thrown into prison for months without bail for defending ourselves, even if there is abundant video evidence that our accusers are making false claims. We risk getting inundated with dubious legal harassment–just ask any of the people involved with the Charlottesville rally about the lawsuits. Just by quietly standing in the crowd we risk losing our jobs and being made pariahs and humiliated in the media if we’re identified. Yet we showed up, because ultimately we’re the ones who are motivated by love for our people and the nation, traditions, and cultures they’ve built. And yes, I think it’s fair to say that plenty of us therefore necessarily hate that which seeks to destroy it, to trivialize the sacred and purposeful in favor of a world without a past or a foreseeable future, where money, material goods, and on-demand satisfaction of basic urges are the only virtues. It’s comparatively very easy to show up and throw out your two minutes’ hate at what the prevailing system tells you is the only legitimate target group.

Those who oppose us have the full support of the establishment: local governments, media, educational institutions, and so on. They get funding from numerous tax-exempt organizations without ever being asked to think about where that money comes from or why. What little they have to say is not dangerous, novel, controversial, or even coherent. They risk nothing except a sore throat by showing up to scream at us if they obey the law. Their members can stalk us for blocks, gravely injure one of us by hitting him from behind with a D-Cell flashlight, and despite everything clearly being on video, when he’s finally charged for his crime he gets off without bail and gets over $150,000 on GoFundMe for his criminal, vicious actions. When people like DeAndre Harris do finally get caught, they have an army of legal aid available to them, along with sympathetic activist judges and juries who spend their whole lives being told that the offender’s victims are evil because of their viewpoints and deserve to be eradicated. This is why I have nothing negative to say about anyone who attended or spoke at the rally. Anglin has covered the constructive criticism angle, and Matt Parrot has an eloquent rebuttal that gives his perspective as a leader in the Traditionalist Worker’s Party. Both of these should be read. Hopefully we can work through our differences and continue to move towards our shared ultimate goals. I reserve my ire for the people who wasted an entire morning standing across from us screaming insults and having nothing of value to say. Numbers? Sacco Vandal was there. How many cubic meters of raw sewage is one gold coin worth? Numbers are a pointless comparison when there’s such a stark differential in quality.

Hunter Wallace did a fantastic job planning the rally and keeping the attendees organized and safe. Law enforcement presence was heavy. My own interactions with them were professional, and to my knowledge no one got hurt or had any problems. Hunter also did a great job of managing the Murfreesboro diversion and executing the follow-up event. He made tough decisions under pressure that proved to be the correct ones. It’s thanks to him that the event went smoothly. Tens of thousands of people have already watched videos of the speeches given by Enoch and Sacco. They’ll be seen by thousands more people who need to hear these ideas, to know that they as White people do matter, despite being told otherwise by the establishment. Those people will see that there are groups out there risking and sacrificing everything simply to advocate on their behalf.

Ash Brighton

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