Swelling Leftist Populism Will Require Anti-White Rhetoric

Democrats face an impossible balancing act with their diverse coalition. The Right must appeal to the Whites they abandon.

Swelling Leftist Populism Will Require Anti-White Rhetoric

by Edmund Hart

The establishment leaders in the Democratic Party want to have their cake and eat it too. As the Republican Party vacates the center of the political spectrum with insurgent candidates like Roy Moore, the old guard of the Democrats aim to prop up Neoliberalism alone. This however is a pipe dream. The Democratic base is fully in tune with mainstream media narratives that incite vitriolic outrage every time the Trump administration successfully pushes back against the Left’s endless march towards their progressive utopia. The party leadership understands that a frenzied Left can successfully turn out numbers in elections, but in the age of identity politics, this fervor can have deleterious effects. A presumed demographic shift towards a White minority is a few decades away. The party leadership is reluctant to slam on the accelerator, because White working class voters are still necessary for electoral success. However, the leftist coalitions built over the years comprised of African Americans, Hispanics, and single women thrives on denunciations of White privilege, heteronormative gender roles, and patriarchy. Unsurprisingly, these targets are fundamental pillars to healthy White communities. MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently expressed the futility of the party leadership’s attempt to straddle this divide:

“And they pine for those [White] voters. So they have that problem. And they want to figure out well how do we keep the active progressive voter that is really excited and really interested and really wants to be a part of politics? And you can’t really do both and also message to the base of the party which is largely people of color.”

This is a message that the Left’s backers are beginning to understand. After a record $1.2 billion was spent on Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign in 2016, Democratic donors will be reluctant to throw large sums of money at a politics-as-usual strategy. New groups like Indivisible, Women’s March, and Flippable have capitalized on small-dollar donations, but are now beginning to attract the attention of wealthy donors. The Democracy Alliance, a highly influential organization in shaping the modern Left, is pivoting towards the nascent liberal populism by publishing a “resistance map” to its donors in July 2017. Moreover, one of its founding members, George Soros, has recently announced he will transfer $18 billion dollars to his liberal philanthropic foundation. The future of the Democrats is starting to coalesce, and it will be in the hands of non-White and feminist led organizations that receive financial support from rootless cosmopolitans and data-driven support from techie bugmen.

The Democrats’ old guard is already beginning to see the fruits of the anti-Trump resistance. One primary challenger has already stepped into the ring to face down Senator Dianne Feinstein. State Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon has announced his bid for her seat as a decidedly more aggressive option for opposing Trump. In his campaign announcement, de Leon stated “Every day, [Trump’s] administration wages war on our people and our progress.” As a Hispanic Californian democrat with a history of advocating for immigrants and low-wage workers, it is obvious who “our people” refers to.

Everyday the political divisions in the United States become more stark, and the future battle lines become more defined. The Left will not be content to continue following the leadership of a geriatric old guard pursuing politics-as-usual, while they watch the Alt Right and Bannon destroy the GOP establishment with a scorched earth campaign. The rising coalitions in the Democratic Party will want their own revolution, and they will go about this using the only collective language they understand: identity politics. Invariably this will require anti-White rhetoric in their political attacks, which the Right can capitalize on by engaging in White identity politics and defending the historic American nation.

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