The Alt Right is the Face of Free Speech in America

Because it is challenging the status quo, the Alt Right is igniting a debate about free speech in America.

The Alt Right is the Face of Free Speech in America

by Jay Lorenz

America is in the midst of a battle over the First Amendment. The left is increasingly suppressing free speech, using corporations and even government entities to prevent the dissemination of viewpoints it doesn’t like. One reason for this is that the left is becoming increasingly extreme. Population replacement programs have been ramped up in the West, along with campaigns to normalize pedophilia, transgenderism, and every other imaginable form of degeneracy. With these things taking place, why not curtail free speech as well? However, there is a more pertinent reason for the suppression. For the first time, there is a legitimate threat to the current regime. For the first time, its ideas and assumptions are receiving real push back. For the first time, the establishment is scared of certain speech. Because it is challenging the status quo, the Alt Right is igniting the debate about free speech in America.

The battle is heightening. In Gainesville, we saw hundreds of rabid Marxists attempt to shut down an Alt Right event featuring Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and Eli Mosley. Supporting the anti-free speech Marxists were university administrators (the ones who indoctrinated the students) and the state government, which condoned the action by declaring a state of emergency days before the event. The universities only allow Alt Right figures to speak because the law requires them to. They do not respect the First Amendment, and they will disregard it if given a chance.

At the University of Florida event, the Alt Right activists were greeted with shouts of “Fuck you Spencer.” The extreme anti-White Marxists shouted nonsensical slogans such as “We don’t want your Nazi hate,” and  “We’re here to stay. We will fight the KKK,” though neither group was present. The crowd also enthusiastically cheered the idea of White genocide. Protesters held up Black power fist salutes, illustrating the double standard of their views. “Black power” is fine, but White identity and pro-White views are to be forbidden. Many of the non-White students, when they attempted to ask questions during the Q&A, spoke broken English and used their time to spew anti-White hate. They did not try to hide it. They are anti-White Marxists who are prepared to use violence to shut down free speech.

The insane atmosphere on campus is caused by the combination of an anti-White Marxist university environment and an anti-White Marxist media which has convinced thousands of people that Whites are inherently evil and undeserving of an ethnic identity. They genuinely believe that they are justified in using any force necessary to deplatform the Alt Right, because pro-White speech is violence, or perhaps worse.

The pro-White activists made good use of their time, using their First Amendment right to advocate for those things that the anti-White establishment wants to suppress. Mike Enoch destroyed the concept of White privilege:

“The purpose of White privilege, which is taught in this university, is to marginalize, stigmatize, and incite violence against White individuals. This crowd is proof of it. You out there are the proof that this concept of White privilege is meant to attack White identity, attack White people, and incite violence against us.”

When asked at the pre-event press conference why he wanted a White ethnostate, Spencer stated, “I don’t want the world to become an undifferentiated mass of individuals going shopping at a global market. I want there to be peoples.” Inevitably, Spencer was asked about his supposed “call for peaceful ethnic cleansing” in the United States, though Spencer was discussing the “peaceful ethnic cleansing” which sprang out of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference when he said those words in a speech. Although the question was phrased deceptively and disingenuously, Enoch gave the best and most succinct defense to peaceful ethnic cleansing I have heard: “What’s so horrible about the idea of people moving for a better and more peaceful world?”

These arguments deliver the Alt Right message very well. But the biggest propaganda victory of Gainesville and of the past few months is the placement of the Alt Right as the face of free speech in America. Since the August Charlottesville rally, in which the Alt Right’s first amendment rights were violated, the Alt Right has become forever intertwined with the future of the expression (and suppression) of free speech in America. The question of whether the Alt Right should even be allowed on the internet became prominent. The Daily Stormer was effectively banned from the internet, while other Alt Right websites were denied platforms in much less severe fashion. Many in the Alt Right have also been censored from major digital platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Patreon, and others. This was occurring at a lower level before August, but, since then, suppression of free speech and of the Alt Right has exploded.

In Florida, juxtaposed against the insolent anti-free speech, anti-White mob, the Alt Right once again became symbolic of the sacred American value of free speech. Spencer aptly stated to the audience, “You’re at the premier event for the question of free speech in this country.” The crowd responded by proving all of the worst stereotypes about the left to be completely true. Instead of having a discussion, they screamed for the entirety of the event, attempting to shut down speech with vapid slogans. As the Alt Right attempted to have a peaceful dialogue, the left showed that it does not tolerate debate.

At one point, Spencer asked the audience, “Do you want to shut down free speech?” They cheered wildly. Through the noise, the pro-White activists persevered and shared their vision for a better world.

Jazzhands McFeels

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