A Tale Of Two Wests

The West has reached a fork in the road. Which route will we choose?

A Tale Of Two Wests

by Markos Power

Where We Are Now: Failing Globalism, The Rise of Nationalism,  and Islamic Expansion

In 2017, we find ourselves in a skeptically positive, cautiously optimistic place.

1. Donald Trump is President of the United States

The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency was a huge victory for Nationalism (meaning putting the interests of American citizens before foreign people and multi-national global corporations). While we are still in the early stages of his presidency, it is clear that the American people are ready for an America First policy. 

The majority of the American people are united in ‘Making America Great Again,” many increasingly outright opposing Globalism and the idea of the ‘world citizen.’ The American people are sick of losing their jobs to offshoring, trade deals that do not benefit the working man but instead benefit Global elites, and the idea that anyone and everyone can move to America and become an ‘American’ (Magic Dirt Theory).

2. Brexit Has Passed And Is In Motion 

The shock vote of Brexit in mid-2016 was a huge blow to the Globalist agenda, especially to the increasingly authoritarian European Union. 

The E.U. has been pushing for greater and greater union between the countries of Europe. The end goal is/was to be a ‘Federal Europe,’ with the abolishment of the nation states into a single identity.

Brexit threw a huge wrench into this project, and has only emboldened nationalist movements across the continent. Even though the elites are trying their hardest to stop any progess with Brexit, the cat is out of the bag.

3. The Decline of the Corporate Media

The era of the huge multi-billion dollar propaganda corporate conglomerates looks to be quickly coming to an end. The Corporate Media has been the mouthpiece of the Globalist agenda for decades, and the people are finaly shaking free from this control. With the rise of the Internet, the people are now turning towards blogs, Youtube video channels, Podcasts, and other alternative sources to get the truth.  This should only increase going forward.


4. The Deep State and Globalist Elites are in an all out war with President Trump

I will come right out and say it: I support President Trump.

Just like with every person you interact with, you are not going to agree 100% with every single thing they do. 

President Trump could be here. Instead he is in the White House surrounded by SJW protesters and being constantly back-stabbed by bureaucrats in his own government.


With that said: Why do I support Mr. Trump? Besides what he campaigned on and what he is trying to achieve, I support him because he is a 71 year old billionaire who did not need to do what he is doing now (i.e. fighting against the strongest people and strongest institutions in the world). Instead of drinking a Frappe, having his beautiful wife Melania rubbing sunscreen on his back, and soaking up the sun relaxing on a beach in Santorini, he is instead having his name constantly vilified and attacked by any and every person who supports the Globalist system.

5. Islam is Expanding Across the West

Non-European Islamic populations are growing quickly across Europe and in other Western nations. 

  • The largest city in Europe and the capital of the former largest empire in the world, London, now has a Pakistani Muslim mayor.
  • Instead of simply voting for established Leftist Globalist parties, Islamic parties are now starting to form in different European nations (as was eerily predicted in the French novel Submission).
  • The numbers of non-European Muslims are rapidly growing, while each European nation is below the replacement rate (i.e. Western and Northern Europeans are going to be demographically replaced by non-European Muslims in the next 20-30 years if nothing changes)


“Islamophobia” means a real fear of Islam taking over your country and subjugating your people. Just another guilt and shaming word used to silence White Europeans. Ignore it, and keep speaking the truth.


Path #1 (AKA: the ‘Find Your Balls’ path): The Islamic demographic conquest of Europe is reversed and defeated, Nationalist Patriots triumph over their Globalist enemies and re-take their nations, and prosperity returns to Europe and the West

In this scenario, the momentum built up by ‘America First’ Patriot Nationalists and the ‘Alt Right’ snowballs into the Culture at Large. What was once celebrated, valued, and held in esteem is now mocked, shamed, and seen for what it really is: a way to dumb down, control, and ultimately destroy Western social cohesion.

Things that were once ‘popular’ and ‘cool’ are now seen as dangerous and traitorous, and people who express these views have become social pariahs. 

1. Celebrities, Hollywood, and the Establishment ‘Culture’ are mocked, completed rejected, and replaced

Big mouth celebrities in their multi-million dollar homes who live in 90+% White neighborhoods are finally exposed for the hypocrites that they are. They preach ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ but never live with, nor even  interact with the people they are trying to flood our countries with. No one cares about who they are and what they have to say, and their wealth and influence diminish as no one goes to watch their Hollywood propaganda films any longer. The people get their entertainment and news from alternative (note: uncontrolled by the Corporate Media and Hollywood) sources. 


2. Cultural Marxism, Anti-European, and anti-common sense ideologies are exposed, rejected, and defeated. Cultural Christian values and traditions are restored; White European men are no longer painted as the ‘enemy’ but instead once again valued and respected

The idea that White Europeans are inherently evil, racist, and need to be replaced by non-European populations is exposed and massively rejected. Any politician that supports, proposes, or enacts legislation that works towards replacing the White European population with Third World non-European immigrants are met with scorn, hostility, boycotts, and mocking/shaming. Politicians can no longer support nor enact legislation that will lead to the European people being demographically replaced in their own nations, that is,  if they want to keep their position and have any way to make a living.

The idea of ‘White European Guilt‘ is thrown out the door, and the natural and healthy appreciation of your own culture and people returns.

Stefan Molyneux: Reason and Evidence to base our decisions on


 White European men are once again seen in their historic light: as the protectors of their nations and people. It is once again societally known and accepted that a married man and woman, with the woman raising her own children (instead of sending them to daycare), makes for the most stable and prosperous society for everyone. Glorification of over sexualized women, promiscuity, and slutty behavior are rejected; as this only creates a dysfunctional society for all. 


 3. Prosperity Returns to the people

Pressure from points 1 and 2 force policy action to return prosperity to the people and not simply the .01% (Note: Most people believe that the top 1% are getting richer on the backs of the people. This is partially true, in that the very well connected globalists, the government insiders, and the corrupt at the .01% are actually getting most of the wealth).

Globalist trade policies that export jobs and technology abroad in order to hire cheap Third World labor is all but legislated out of practice. Companies are forced, via both punishment and incentives, to stay in the U.S. by the government. Social Media and Alternative Media campaigns also force change in how Corporations operate. 

The corrupt Immigration Act of 1965 is legislated out of history, now classified as an illegitimate and illegal piece of legislation. It is replaced with a 10 year, zero immigration policy. The U.S. returns to its historical demographic roots. The people finally see how much better their lives get without a constant flow of people pushing housing, food, and other prices up, while at the same down bringing down wages.

If they asked White Europeans in 1965 if they wanted to be demographically replaced, would they have voted Yes?

The wall is built. 

People who broke our laws and entered our country Illegally and abused our welfare system are fleeing the country in droves. They have had close friends already arrested and deported, and do not want to stick around since they can no longer get live off of the American taxpayer. 

4. Europe de-Islamizes

Populist and Nationalist governments take control of their respective nations and implement a policy of de-Islamization. 

Europe sees how their own major cities, LondonStockholmParis, and Berlin, are increasingly ethnically cleansed of ethnic EnglishSwedesFrench, and Germans

Europeans re-learn their history, wherein 1923 the Turkish government forced a population exchange with Greece, in which 1.5+ million Greek Christians were forceably removed/deported from lands that their ancestors lived on for over 4000 years.  

The “changing face of London” aka the replacing of the native English with foreign non-Europeans


The idea of White European Guilt is Dead.

Without welfare, free housing, and free medical aid, millions of Muslims go back to their ancestral homes. Mosques are shut down and regulated, known criminals and suspected terrorists are arrested, and any and all ‘Affirmative Action’ policies promoting Muslims over qualified European candidates are abolished.

The predatory and Globalist European Union is dissolved in its current form.

Path #2 (AKA: Downward Spiral): Islamic parties and strongmen seize control, Nationalist Patriots are defeated, arrested, and finally ‘shut down,’ the economies and demographics of the West become more like Brazil

In the United States:

  • The demographic issue is never fully resolved in the United States. Even with the policies pushed through by President Trump, he is blocked by the Republican Establishment, the Corporate Media, and the Democrats from getting anything truly meaningful through. The Immigration Act of 1965 remains intact. Multiple Red states flip permanently to Blue.  The European-American Whites cannot vote their way out from the masses of non-Europeans who were brought into the country post-1965 to vote for the Democrats.


  • After tipping below 40% of the population and rapidly reaching South African levels, White Americans are essentially second class citizens. They cannot gain any influence or power (unless they prove their ‘worth’ via ‘Higher’ Education) or high paying jobs as they are blamed for the rapidly deteriorating economic situation. Hollywood and the Corporate Media crank up their anti-White hate campaign into high gear; the protagonists of movies and T.V. shows are always non-Whites (usually mixed race) and the inbred evil bad guy is always a White male or White female. 

Deminization of White European Christians



  • The U.S. economy is rapidly deteriorating and is only on life support because of the massive direct wealth transfers from White European Americans to ‘people of color.’ Debts are way up, as welfare programs have ballooned to levels not thought possible. California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico have officially passed state bills making Spanish the official language, fully merging their economies with Mexico.


As the transformation of the United States from a demographically and cultural White European country to a non-White nation is now complete, immigration from Muslim countries is severely restricted and eventually outright banned to the United States.




The spirit of the European man never comes up to light the torch of change. The Globalist culture at large cannot be shattered, even with the rise of the New Media. Non-European immigration is ramped up even more in Europe, and citizenship is given within a few years to the ‘New Germans,’ ‘New French,’ and others who arrived from the Middle East and Africa.


Muslim parties gain control of major European governments.

In order to deny power to the Nationalist/Populist parties, European “Center Right” Cuck parties align with the newly formed Islamic parties in order to show that they stand against ‘hate’ and ‘bigotry,’ which allow Islamic parties to take control of governments. 

Rapid Islamization takes place. It is first sold as ‘returning to traditional values, where women are first ‘encouraged’ then outright required to wear hijabs before entering public universities, government offices, and other public buildings. Empty churches across Northern and Western Europe are rapidly converted to mosques and the Notre Dame Cathedral is first changed to a museum, and then converted to a mosque, as the population of Paris is now 90%+ Muslim (as with the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul).

In places where Muslim parties cannot or have not yet gained power of the Federal government, regional levels are declaring their independence. Southern France and the Greater London Area have declared as ‘Islamic States’ and are de-facto independent Muslim regions of Europe. 

Eastern Europe essentially forms a block against the new Islamic threat, with Poland heavily militarizing their border with the now Islamic Germany. Greece loses Western Thrace as Turkey invades in order to ‘protect the Islamic minority’ from Greek oppression. 


We Get To Choose

Nothing is written in stone.

Either of these two scenarios can happen.

White European men must recognize that they face a huge crisis, losing not only their own nations but the whole of Western civilization that their ancestors built for them. If they do not wake up to this threat, White Europeans will slowly disappear into the pages of history.

There is still time for us to save ourselves, our people, our nations, and our civilization. 

But, we don’t have time for:

  • Getting drunk and high every weekend
  • Eating crap food and getting fat
  • Devoting ourselves to simply chasing pleasure (sex) in the moment
  • Not speaking the truth
  • Carrying on like all is good and Doing Nothing

What’s it gonna be, Men of the West?


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