Ascendants and Americans

Thirty years of incompetence has made American politics into an ethnic conflict. 

Ascendants and Americans

by Tom Shackleford

I think most of us by now have heard about a speech by George W. Bush in which he denounced White Nationalism and argued for globalism. I read some excerpts, but I never even bothered to actually listen to it. After all, being denounced by a bumbling mass-murderer doesn’t exactly sting. However, it did prompt a bit of retrospection on the past 30 years.

Bipartisan Policy

First, consider the bipartisan consensus that placed our country on its path to ruin. Disingenuous rhetoric was quite literally the only thing that differentiated either party. In the practical application of power, they were quite consistent regardless of shifting electoral outcomes. Both serve the same oligarchy, whose interests don’t coincide with the average person. 

For instance, the Third World demographic influx has come at the exclusive electoral benefit of the Democrats, but it had had the support of Republicans. In some cases, this support is quite explicit. I can recall a speech made last year by John McCain in which he announced that he would never stop fighting for amnesty. I can’t help but think that this was the result of ulterior motives that had nothing to do with mere elections. If not, why would he advocate for a dramatic surge in the demographic process that cost him the presidency? 

One Path: The Ascendant

This is the terminal phase of the USA. During this era, there are two paths to the presidency. The first was demonstrated by the 2008 and 2012 elections. Obama was twice installed in the Oval Office by vibrancy. It is now readily apparent that the success of this approach hinged on the very fact that he himself is a vibrant. Race is real and it is the primary factor that gets these people into voting booths. The average vibrant can’t even perform basic arithmetic, let alone get a grasp on the complex set of issues that shape the fate of the country. He looked like them, in sharp contrast to his two White opponents, and that was really all that mattered. The hollow sophistry barked at them was irrelevant. 

This led the establishment into the paradigm of a “Coalition of the Ascendant,” which was, from then on, considered to be the decisive voting bloc. Hillary’s campaign functioned on this premise, stupidly assuming that they could replicate Obama outcomes without noticing that they were running a White woman. 

That wasn’t a mere campaign. It was the greatest propaganda effort in the history of the human race. Obama had similar backing at his disposal, but he pretty much sold himself. That “Hope” poster was perhaps all it took. Selling Hillary Clinton on the other hand, was quite a tall order.  Thus, her team worked in tight, disciplined coordination with the MSM and Corporatocracy that owns it. This coalition included the vocal support of the major tech companies that dominate online discourse. Everyone from Google’s Eric Schmidt to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg worked publicly on its behalf. Last November, it proved to be a spectacular failure that’s understandably induced nonstop hysteria ever since. 

The Other Path: Acknowledge Pissed-Off White People

Hillary ended up being humiliated by a man she thought had zero chance of winning. During the campaign, emails disclosed by Wikileaks revealed that they were so confident of Trump’s toxicity that they asked the MSM to push coverage of him over the other Republican primary cucks. This was done because they calculated that Trump winning the Republican nomination would seal victory by a huge margin long before votes were even cast. 

They ended up losing to Trump mainly because he shared the same skin color (calling him orange didn’t work) as the walking corpse they were parading in front of the cameras. While Trump traveled the country with an animalistic energy, his campaign infrastructure was minimal and ill-disciplined. It didn’t even have the genuine support of the party he decided to hijack. Trump took the approach of responding to the anger of White America over having the economic foundation of their country exported, while a new people were imported to displace them and turn the place into a Third World cesspool. His win illustrated that addressing reality can still prevail no matter how many resources are deployed in opposition.


Regardless, neither party has learned much from the whole fiasco. I have to give credit to the Democrats for at least attempting to de-platform us. Publicly, it’s been non-stop nonsense about Russia. Behind the curtain, it’s obvious that insiders realized what happened. An MSM poll recently pegged around 10% of Americans as holding Alt Right views, which is of course a staggering underestimate, since none of us would even participate in a poll. In an election that came down to a handful of votes, in a handful of places, it’s reasonable to surmise that we made a significant impact. Hillary backed that up with a recent quote that we’re just “.15%” of the population.  Chronic liars often dispense truth in much the way that right appears left from the opposite direction. 

Unfortunately for them, efforts to counter our influence took the inevitable form of Nazi name-calling in the MSM. By labeling us what we clearly are not and then naming Trump as one of us, as he clearly is not, they’ve been quite helpful in adding fuel to the blaze. 

Terry McAuliffe, a naïve presidential hopeful, instigated bedlam in Charlottesville in an attempt deal the Alt Right a death blow. This decision illustrates the level of miscalculation that still guides legacy politicians.  If Unite the Right went off as a peaceful rally as its organizers intended and conducted repeatedly in the past, then it would have been a fleeting headline. Instead it’s a story that just won’t go away. This has proven to be a huge boon, because a movement appealing to realists can only benefit from publicity. 

It seems that they considered us something that would fizzle out like the Tea Party, without understanding that we’re only getting bigger as the existential crisis in Western Civilization continues to worsen. White politicians like McAuliffe are deluded enough to think that they can follow in the footsteps of the Bushes and Clintons, even though that model belongs to an era that passed at least a decade ago.

Bushes and Clintons in the Rearview

In a political sense, the signature accomplishment of the Bushes and Clintons is to ensure that nobody like themselves can ever be president again. During their time in the sun, the demographic change and the alienation has become palpable. Currently, presidential viability for each party is as follows: as a Democrat, you can be a non-White, anti-White candidate and win. As a Republican, you can be a White, pro-White candidate and win. Neither candidate should articulate their approach explicitly.  

What this spells for 2020 is more clear for the Democrats than the Republicans. As a 75 year old, it’s not certain that Trump would want a second term even if his health allowed it. Moreover, this country has profound problems, both fiscal and economic, which seem likely to spiral in the interim.

If Trump doesn’t seek office again, I would predict the Democrats running Kamala Harris and winning over some imbecile like John Kasich. That’s because the Republican Party won’t allow another hijacking, and there’s nobody yet on the horizon with the financial resources and brazen mentality like Trump to pull off such a maneuver. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, enjoy the show.

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