Browning Out the Democratic Party

The Democrats sold out America’s future to win elections. Now, they are paying the price.

Browning Out the Democratic Party

by Tom Shackleford

 “Legally or illegally, import as many vibrants as possible. Provide them with lots of free stuff. Promise much more to come.” That’s been the central electoral strategy of the Democratic Party for decades now. In terms of votes, it’s proved effective to the point where everyone assumed that George W. Bush (himself included) was the last Republican president. 

But, trouble began to arise. As it turns out, the Ascendants are not fond of each other or the White homosexuals and other assorted freaks under the Democratic umbrella. It is clear that the Coalition of the Ascendant needs what Steve Sailer has aptly termed “KKKrazy Glue” to hold itself together. Thus, the party adopted an additional tactic: “Don’t just import vibrancy to nullify White votes, vilify the Whites themselves in order to motivate the vibrants”

Hillary Was the First to Fall

Since White vilification has been the guiding principle of both academic discourse and MSM narratives for decades now, the party couldn’t avoid the temptation to embrace it. Predictably, creating a non-White majority and nurturing animosity towards Whites can backfire on White politicians regardless of affiliation. Your rhetoric doesn’t erase your race, as Hillary learned the hard way.  She was counting on the vibrants who turned out for Obama to do the same for her.

She stupidly assumed that she could get the same results even though she wasn’t a magic mulatto, just a sickly White hag in a pantsuit. The anti-White rhetoric of the campaign was a cynical ploy. Like most of what she says, it’s unlikely that Hillary meant any of it. However, she failed to recognize that the average vibrant has an IQ of about room temperature, so they take all of this hysteria quite seriously. Their hatred for Whites couldn’t be translated into votes for a White woman.

2008 Should Have Been a Lesson for Her

It’s a testament to her incompetence, because experience should have taught her better. Back in 2007, it seemed assured that the Clintons would simply walk right back into the White House after an eight-year Bush interlude. Then out of nowhere, Barack Obama derailed the whole thing. She clearly didn’t understand why it happened. 

Obama quickly received the unfettered adulation of the media, and so much campaign money in the first month that it surprised even Bush. Why did we get dumped?  She must have wondered. The Clintons have a proven track record of delivering for donors, no how matter how disgusting the request or the bipartisan backlash it creates. Don’t they understand our value?

The reality is that the banksters need a face, and what the Ascendants want is one of their own faces. They won’t flock to the polls without that. Everyone in the Oval Office delivers for the banksters big time, so who gets installed isn’t really the salient concern. It’s the optics that matter. What’s better than a Black guy with a Muslim name? Hillary never had a chance. Thus, “Hope and Change” took off and the rubes bought it every step of the way.

The Ascendants Will Replace Them

The current leadership of the Democratic Party is literally senile. One can find plenty of video clips in which House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (age 77) forgets everything from the current president to the current decade. She’s in good company with other Dems such as CA Senator Diane Feinstein, age 84, and Governor Jerry Brown, age 79. They represent a state that was once the nation’s most solidly red, until enough diversity was imported to invalidate the White vote.  Elderly Democratic politicians such as themselves rode this wave to decades in political office.  Sooner rather than later, death will separate them from political relevancy. That’s when things will really escalate, as the new faces of the Dems come into office.

2020 Presidential Hopefuls

White hopefuls for the Democratic nomination in 2020 should take notice of Hillary’s experiences and despair. However, it doesn’t appear that they’ve gotten the memo. Take the infamous carpetbagger, Terry McAuliffe, who figured that he could burnish his credentials as a “Nazi” fighter by instigating mayhem in Charlottesville.  It’s all blown up in his face as monuments to everyone from George Washington to Christopher Columbus are now under attack. This has done much to burn bridges with Whites. Most of them don’t approve of the retconning, but are afraid to publicly object.  He’s polling dead last, far behind the elderly Elizabeth Warren (she’ll be 71) and the ancient Jew Bernie Sanders (He’ll be 80). The reality is that none of these individuals have a shot. 

The banksters like to back winners, so they won’t waste money on a candidate like Hillary again. The only reason they even supported her in 2016 was because Clinton chicanery within the party eliminated other options. In 2008, they installed Obama and selected everyone in his administration who would deal with them. His facade expedited the siphoning of trillions with a fairly effective smokescreen.

Strong prior success makes it logical for them to try and repeat the Obama formula and avoid throwing money down the toilet by supporting another Hillary. In this context, it stands to reason that the new CA Senator Kamala Harris (see a pattern emerging?) would be the prime choice as she is brown, a woman, and stupid. All boxes: CHECKED.

DNC Chairmanship

Lower down the Democratic food chain, Whiteness has already been brushed aside by ascendancy. The desperation is palpable. Check out this clip of Sally Boynton Brown, a White party official from Idaho, nervously declaring that her “job is to shut other White people down” behind a screen with the hashtag #demincolor. This was Sally’s best talking point in an attempt to convince the DNC that she should be its next chairwoman. Her hopes were outright naïve as the race was essentially between Keith Ellison (Nation of Islam) or Tom Perez. It didn’t matter how much she bashed Whites, because she was one of them. 

Where does it go from here?

I’ve found this whole process both entertaining and satisfying to watch.  White Democrats made a Faustian bargain decades ago to displace their own people in order to get themselves elected. By making their descendants a hated minority in their own country, they could personally enjoy bright political prospects. This proved to be a resounding success—for a while. But, treachery eventually comes with a price. They’re beginning to find that out. We’ll start seeing many more of them suffer the fate of Hillary Clinton and Sally Boynton Brown.  

The reality is that the banksters have increasingly little use for White Democratic politicians and neither do the Ascendants who now comprise the party’s base. The sad irony is that if they hadn’t been complicit in the displacement of White America, and just stuck to the traditional platform of the party, then they’d be doing great right now. After all, Trump ran on many of the core tenets of the Democratic Party of his youth.  Instead, they chose to destroy the USA for their own personal advantage. Now, they’re finding themselves devoid of a political future in a country on the verge of collapse. Such are the perils of a high time preference.

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