Fash the Nation 95: It’s Okay to be White

Fash the Nation 95: It’s Okay to be White

Not only is it okay to be White, it’s pretty great to be White, right now. With the It’s Okay to be White poster campaign sending oy veys echoing around the world and Donna Brazile making good on the notion that non-whites are the perpetual blind spot of any serious political movement  (no really, let them into your inner circle and they’ll sell you down the river for a carton of Newports), the collapse of the J-left’s crumbling institutions continues to accelerate. McFeels & Halberstram cover another exciting week in politics in this latest episode of America’s favorite Alt-Right podcast.

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Episode Timestamps:

00:00:00 Intro, Announcements, Donations
00:07:00 Diversifying Terror
00:23:00 John Kelly
00:27:00 Gillespie and VA race
00:35:30 Tax reform
00:43:00 Economic outlook
00:47:00 It’s ok to be white
00:51:00 Farage’s take on the J-Left
00:55:30 Mercer steps down
01:00:00 GOP synopsis
01:11:00 Europa Report
01:21:00 DNC freefall
01:36:00 Fusion GPS and DOJ
01:45:00 Manafort investigation
01:51:00 Pedowood
01:57:00 Rapid fire hot takes
02:02:00 Word of Day

Jazzhands McFeels

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