Fash the Nation 96: Establishment Extrusion

Fash the Nation 96: Establishment Extrusion

It’s been one year since the election of Donald Trump and the establishment still has many lessons to learn. While Ralph Northam’s defeat of Ed Gillespie dealt another blow to a dying GOPe, it came with a high price. Rural Whites stayed home and the Coalition of the Ascendant didn’t, so the once vaunted capital of the Confederacy is filled with trannies and anti-gun nuts. Fighting back, the establishment has set its sights on the destruction of Roy Moore in Alabama, attempting a redux of the Access Hollywood tape that failed to stop Trump little more than a year earlier. With Moore refusing to back down, the stage has been set for a Senate seat showdown. From electoral politics to the Podesta Group and from Fusion GPS to Donna Brazile, the establishment keeps coming up SNAKE EYES.

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Episode Timestamps:

00:00:00 Intro, Overview, Merch
00:03:00 2016 Election Anniversay
00:12:00 Virginia Race
00:28:00 Roy Moore
00:47:00 Reliving election night
00:50:00 Clean Dream Act
01:00:00 Cheap labor
01:10:00 DHS Rundown
01:17:00 H1B under scrutiny
01:27:00 Tax Reform
01:31:00 RINOs step down our guys step up
01:41:00 Europa Reporta
01:51:00 Donna Brazile
01:58:00 Investigations
02:03:00 Dems double down on brown
02:12:00 IOKTBW
02:15:00 Word of the Day

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