Hollywood’s Jewish Pervert Problem

Nearly all of those accused in the Hollywood sexual assault scandal have one thing in common.

Hollywood’s Jewish Pervert Problem

by Nathan Karlsen

Louis C.K. James Toback. Harvey Weinstein. Brett Ratner. Dustin Hoffman. It’s enough to break the parentheses keys on your computer. The ongoing Hollywood sexual harassment scandal is the gift that keeps on giving. While not all the accused men are tribesmen, Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star, Larry David, laments that it’s “many.” Potted plants will never look the same.

(It’s worth noting that the sacrificial goy in this sordid episode, Kevin Spacey, is a homosexual—doing what bigots always said homosexuals do, recruiting vulnerable teen boys into the depraved world of the LGBTBBQ.)

When Anthony Weiner was first exposed in 2011 as a pervert, the Alt Right was hardly surprised. While many powerful men have used their positions to acquire sex, there was something Semitic about the exploits of the aptly named congressman. Now the dam has broken.

The recently disgraced Louis CK joked about being a “Willie Wonka for perverts” and raping Hitler—well we thought he was joking. The Weinstein Brothers studio is notorious for anti-White snuff films like Django and Inglorious Basterds. Good riddance to this vermin. It’s hard to exaggerate the corrosive influence of the entertainment media.

What’s really shocking is not the behavior of these men, but that people are acting shocked! Shocked! Why? Hollywood was founded by shtetl dwellers with an axe to grind against the goyim and a religious tradition that condones pedophilia with Gentile girls as young as three. In the Tamudic belief that the goyim only exist to serve Jews, why wouldn’t the casting couch logically follow? 

Don’t let the media tell you this is a “White male” problem. It’s a ZOG problem. All of our institutions, from the entertainment and fake news media to the permanent government in the cesspool on the Potomac, have been subverted. The Cultural Marxist revolution has released the brakes on the behavior of this new elite. Now the chutzpah that they are above basic standards of decency has come back to bite them.

Maybe the goyim are too weakened by their bread and circuses, but we are in a great position to substantially weaken Hollyweird. With the NFL kneeling controversy ongoing, let’s do what we can tip over this House of Cards. Our positions have been validated yet again. Who knows? Maybe we can take some of this momentum to D.C. There are plenty of (((White males))) literally shaking.

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