It’s Okay To Be White Fliers Show Insanity Of The Left

To those who know the depravity of the left, the reaction to the pro-White fliers was unsurprising.

It’s Okay To Be White Fliers Show Insanity Of The Left

by Markos Power

To regular people going about their lives, seeing the left  freak out and call people “Nazis” for posting a sign that simply says “It’s Okay To Be White,” must be baffling. 

Only a Nazi would think it’s okay to be White.

The brilliance of these fliers is that it exposes, for all the world to see, how truly disconnected with reality and the real world these people are. 

These children, who never grew up, but decided to prolong their adolescence by moving to the city and continuing to live like a college kid well into their late 20’s and 30’s,  throwing hissy fits not only shows that they have low emotional control, but also a blatant hatred of anything positive (or even neutral) toward White Europeans. 

But of course, their need to virtue signal how good they are calling out “Nazis” for putting this sign up is not lost on me. They feed their ego by telling others how they “fight against Nazis” in order to get validation in their lives and more likes on Twitter and Facebook.  They could easily just walk by the sign, but they can’t pass up such an opportunity to show their ‘goodness’ to all of their social media “friends.” 

When I first saw reports of these fliers on the Internet, I immediately knew it was good strategy. You see, the left and the controlled media love to pretend that they have no idea why over 50% of Whites believe they are being discriminated against, or why such “hateful” posters like these would appear.

The left’s identity is based off of hating Western Culture and anything associated with White European people. Everything they do, everything they say, and everything they support ends up harming Western Culture and White European people.

  • Illegal Immigration: Eventually leads to more non-White voters via anchor babies and amnesty, in order to take away voting power from Whites.
  • Mass Third World Immigration: Non-Europeans overwhelmingly vote for bigger government, which means more votes for Democrats and their Globalist policies.
  • Affirmative Action: Discrimination against Whites based solely on their race.
  • Promotion of Homosexuality: Disrupts the formation of the family. Disproportionately affects White Europeans. Creates a new victim class in order for the left to gain more voters.
  • Feminism: Creates a division where one did not exist before: man vs woman. Disproportionately affects White Europeans. Creates a new victim class in order for the left to gain more voters. 

What exactly are they investigating?

At the end of the day, Globalism is dying.  Peak “Current Year” was in 2016, and all the ideas that went along with it are openly mocked and rightfully ridiculed. Globalism and the Left are on the decline and there is nothing that can reverse it.

Populism and Nationalism are rising, and there is nothing that is going to stop it from growing going forward. 

The whole Globalist experiment of mass Third World immigration, open borders, political correctness, and multiculturalism has failed and isn’t coming back. 

With the rise of the Internet, people have been able to get the truth out without being censored by the controlled media. The people only need to hear the truth for them to know it was the truth all along. 

Let’s be sure to keep speaking it. 


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