Pressure Relief Valves

Traps have been set to prevent the American right from pursuing meaningful goals.

Pressure Relief Valves

by Nathan Karlsen

The  American right has a problem with pressure relief valves. A pressure relief valve (PRV) is anything that is used by the anti-White system to divert Whites from advocating for their own interests. Some are mostly harmless, some are self-destructive.

Talk radio

It’s the three hours of hate for people of a conservative persuasion: Democrats are destroying the country with their real racism. Feminists are loony. Environmentalists worship Gaia instead of the true Judeo-Christian God. Taxes are too high for the job creators. Many immigrants don’t have the proper paperwork.

You can receive these earth-shattering commentaries from any of a number of Kosher-approved gasbags, after which you can go back to your normie world, satisfied that several million deracinated individualists share your edgy opinions. While it doesn’t hurt to hear what the “muh Constitution” crowd is thinking for purposes of recruiting, and many of the hosts are quite entertaining, don’t think our problems will be solved by someone who is more interested in his million dollar paycheck than in leading us to victory.

NRA/Gun rights activism

The Second Amendment is sacrosanct among the right in America. Even some leftists hesitate at the more extreme “turn ‘em all in” rhetoric of the gun-grabbers. Fighting these fanatics is not itself a bad thing. God forbid we should ever need our guns for anything other than defending ourselves and our loved ones from the predations of the Feral-American community, but the founders wisely enshrined the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights for defense against tyranny.

The problem starts when potential identitarian energy becomes diverted.  Outside of a few urban centers, it is still possible to be accepted by polite society and to be a gun rights activist; it is a perfect PRV for a young White man who wants to influence policy but is scared to be called a racist. Worse still, he can be cuckolded into the DR3 (Colion Noir) and LGBTQP (Pink Pistols) narratives, since these minority groups are allegedly targeted by toothless White trailer park bigots and need their guns worse than anyone.

Now the gun rights activist is double cucked, tossing his own people under the bus for a bit of respectability and shilling for the scum of America. Don’t even try to point out the tribal over-representation in the gun ban movement; he’ll pull out his Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership membership card and tell you how the Nat-zees disarmed our harmless Hebraic friends. Now he’s triple cucked.

The truth is we will have no gun rights or any other rights when we lose control of our country to invaders who have no fealty to American ideals. White rights are gun rights. You can’t have one without the other.


Now we’re getting to the dregs of the PRV problem. Sports can be a healthy activity—if one engages in it! What is gained by cheering on roided-out colored mercenaries playing children’s games? Natural feelings of tribal (racial) and regional loyalty are subsumed by beer, junk food, and overpriced merchandise. How cucked is a man who wears a jersey with another man’s name? Why are we enriching ingrate millionaire Negroes and their Jewish owners? Why would any pro-White person pay attention to this clown show?

Use these wasted hours to better yourself. Take the money you save and support pro-White organizations. Join a gym. Learn martial skills. Maybe even meet some fellow fashy goys. Peer pressure can be a positive if you surround yourself with quality people who share your beliefs and goals. If America continues her decline you’ll be glad you did.


Drugs are what broken people use to plug the hole in their soul. Our degenerate society denies young White men the rewards they used to receive for pro-social behavior in healthier times: meaningful employment, a wife and kids, the house with the white picket fence, etc.

The nihilism of Weimerica encourages “if it feels good, do it” self-destructive behavior. When there seems to be no other way to fill the void of a meaningless life, drugs become an easy escape. It’s a spiral that has destroyed too many of our good young men. Hanging out with addicts and drug dealers leads nowhere positive. Breaking the addiction won’t remove the drug conviction. Drugs (legal and illegal) destroy the body and the mind. Don’t waste your potential on spirit-sapping escapist substances. Life’s real highs come from accomplishment.


Just don’t do it. Sex is like cocaine to the brain. Since few men have easy or cheap access to either, the freely available nature of porn becomes a substitute for a real male/female relationship. There is no shortage of material on how porn rewires the brain. It dehumanizes women and creates unrealistic standards that can lead to impotence and an inability to form a meaningful relationship with potential waifus.

There’s a reason the so-called free speech activists tore down the moral standards of America in the 1960s. Once the Communists realized that the white working class of America wasn’t going to embrace the proletarian revolution, they switched tacks from the economic issue to humanity’s powerful desire: the sexual. Give the devil his due, this subversion has wreaked more damage on Western society than Sigmund Fraud could have dreamt.

Our founders never intended that the First Amendment would be used to protect obscenity and vulgarity. What a shame that we have lost control of our country to an alien power and its homegrown enablers! If you want to stick it to Shlomo, turn off the RedTube and get out there and find a wife!

Everyone needs hobbies and distractions from the stresses of everyday life. Many of us feel we haven’t, or can’t, reach the goals we strive for. If we don’t find positive outlets for the frustrations of the Current Year, we can fall into these PRVs that rob us of our strength. All we can do is keep striving to better ourselves. When we fall down, we have to stand back up, dust ourselves off and try again. We only lose when we quit fighting!

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