Rhodesians Never Die, but Rhodesia is Dead and Gone

The White nations of Africa cannot be saved. But the people can be.

Rhodesians Never Die, but Rhodesia is Dead and Gone

by Goy Rogers

The coup that isn’t a coup™ in Zimbabwe against Robert Mugabe’s person has prompted a lot of discussion in Alt Right circles about the southern part of Africa and, more importantly to us, the standing of White people therein. Perhaps the most LARPy thing that I have encountered is that since Mugabe is prevaricating about stepping down, intervention would be justified and a re-establishment of a White minority government. Charles Manson’s plot of a White-led Reconquista after Black-led collapse applied to Africa. This. Is. Absurd. Full Stop. Put away the short shorts and put down your FAL FN. Rhodesia is not coming back and it never will.

While it is true that there are many older Blacks in Zimbabwe who fondly remember the days of Ian Smith, and even those who wish that the White farmers would return to the country, it is foolish to think that this coup means anything positive for the White population of Zimbabwe or a change in the fortunes of White Africa. The elements of Zimbabwe’s army which are putting the screws to Mugabe have said that the land belongs to the “veterans” (read: floppies who got butchered in the Bush wars and/or Mugabe’s own death squads). Something tells me that the land in question will not come from the Blacks it was given to by the previous regime, if indeed Mugabe even leaves, which is far from a given, as we’ve seen this song and dance before.  His resignation was submitted on 11/21, but I’ll believe he’s gone when his plane touches down in South Africa or his corpse gets dragged through the streets of Harare.

I’ll allow for the possibility that my cynicism is completely unfounded. Maybe Mugabe actually follows through on his resignation, or better yet gets the Gaddafi treatment. Then a new ZANU government comes in and not only affirms the property rights of the 30,000 White people still living in Zimbabwe (unlikely due to their communism), but encourages Rhodies living abroad to come back. These freedoms realized, Zimbabwe then becomes like Botswana or Namibia, and with increased White influence, the economy starts to recover. If all these things happen, we are still talking about a pause in the general decline in the situation of whites in Africa. The intellectual disparity between Blacks and Whites will not go away. The Blacks will never be as successful as the Rhodies thanks to a thirty-point IQ differential. Marxism is categorically a failure, but the Afro-centric Marxism of Southern Africa has shown itself to be an even greater failure, something few people who had seen the USSR and Mao’s China had thought possible. When the problems associated with Afrocentric Marxism inevitably crop up (pun intended, because Blacks cannot farm, literally not even to save their own lives), we all know who gets blamed and who gets their property and lives taken.

What does the coup really mean for White Africans? Most likely nothing or possibly even a negative development. Most of the remaining farmers in Zimbabwe are small-holders, with the large scale commercial farmers stripped of their property, and laws exist which prevent the establishment of new White-owned corporate farms. The best way to fix the economy and the endemic famine problem would be to permit the White farmers to once again commercialize. That’s not an endorsement of capitalism, mind you, just a recognition of African reality, given the Black man’s patent inability to produce enough food to feed himself.  Without the White man’s excess production, the Black man has nothing to parasite off, save his own body. The new government would do well to undo the Mugabe efforts to destroy the White farmers. But they’re just as likely to keep the status quo or enact laws which cause further harm to Whites.

Let’s pretend for a second that Afrocentric communists are not 70 IQ Marxists and a pro-White path is taken. This does not change the fact that the White minority is the eternal scapegoat for any African regime. The next time something goes wrong, or if the Rhodies become too successful again, expropriation lurks right around the corner. The Negroes do not understand the ideology of Marx. Their desires are those of a toddler. White man has thing. Black man wants thing. Allowing the Whites to prosper once more in Zimbabwe will only renew this animalistic urge.

This is a reality that applies beyond Zimbabwe. South Africa’s ANC, another anti-White communist regime, has been accelerating calls for taking the property of Whites and giving it to Blacks. Perhaps the gravest danger comes not in the guise of collectivism nor economic redistribution to the lowly Black, but in the form of the roving death squads attacking the White farmers in SA. These attacks have increased almost every year since Nelson Mandela was finally removed. The ANC government cannot or will not do anything to stop the murders and maiming.  And in the cruelest twist of fate, from an American perspective, the ANC will not permit the farmers to defend themselves. Private gun ownership has been greatly curtailed in South Africa and the penalties for injury or death inflicted in the act of self-defense are severe.

South African Whites face the direst peril at present, given that the Rhodies have already been put through the wringer. South Africa is in the process of failing as a state and the calls to strip the Whites of their property will only get louder. The violence will only get worse. This is catastrophic given the sheer number of our people living there. But even governments such as those of Botswana or Namibia, which are openly friendly to White farmers at present, do not represent a permanent situation. A change in head of state or a bad harvest and all the sudden the Whites in those countries could be staring down the same barrel as the men and women in Rhodesia once did and the men and women of South Africa have pointed at them at present.

Which brings me back around to my central premise: there is not going to be any grand reclamation of White Africa.  The Whites are far too few and too thoroughly disarmed to mount a stand in Zimbabwe (28,000), Angola (220,000), or Namibia (154,000). Animosity between Anglo and Boer in South Africa have prevented a White consolidation of a kind which could have at least guaranteed rule in local government, thanks to Boer refusal to move to Cape Town. Fighting is out. Political solutions in Africa are at best transitory due to the rapaciousness of the Negro population. The only option which remains is to get them the hell out and to either Europe or the United States. Preferably the latter from this writer’s perspective. They would be useful allies in our struggle against the Jewish plot to destroy us, as they have seen firsthand how that goes. Schlomo was integral in ending Apartheid, domestically and internationally. And they know only too well what being a White minority in a sea of mud truly entails.

I ask you to stop with the LARPing. Quit it with the pipe dreams of a Crusade against Black rule. We are not going to waltz over there with our semi-automatic rifles and put down 40 million Blacks. It is a regrettable situation, because as we all know, the Whites built these countries into civilized, prosperous entities from nothing. The Blacks now living there had not even come to Southern Africa before the White man. The White man has a better claim to it than the black. The Bushmen were the only humans present when Whites first arrived 400 years ago, and given their 54 IQ are even less capable than the regular Blacks.

It is not fair. It is not right. But White Africa is gone. We must save those who remain before it is too late. Contact your Representatives and your Senators. Make this problem known.  Many White Africans have tried and failed in their attempts to get an amnesty visa. A sick and twisted irony as the governments of Europe have plenty of room for Blacks and Muslims, but none for their own people. We cannot save their countries. We can save them.

If there’s a silver lining in this call for evacuation it is that the Blacks will get exactly what they deserve. They will long for the days of White rule when either starvation inflicted by their own ineptitude or total domination at the hands of the Chinese is the new African reality. On that day, somewhere years from now, we can point and laugh at them when they beg for our help. This is the future they chose.

Editor’s note: this article was originally published on identitydixie.com.

Jay Lorenz

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