The Invisible Deep State Scandal

The welfare state brought intrusive government oversight. Anarcho-tyranny brings deadly government oversight.

The Invisible Deep State Scandal

by Gaius Marcius

Authorities have confirmed that Texas church shooter Devin Kelley was able to buy guns despite his dishonorable discharge because of a clerical error deep in the bowels of the Air Force bureaucracy. Ronald Reagan may have joked 30 years ago about the scariest words in the English language being, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” but federal paperwork is now literally a deadly threat to American citizens. This is not the first time the Air Force has had embarrassing mishaps with paperwork. In 2007, six live nuclear warheads were mistakenly flown across the United States in place of training warheads.

Any large government organization will make some potentially harmful mistakes, but whenever charges of incompetence and waste are leveled at the government, Republicans point to military effectiveness as the sole bright spot within the public sector. Worryingly, the general social rot that began in academia and Hollywood generations ago, and more recently moved to conservative social organizations like churches and the Boy Scouts, is now also afflicting the most basic state functions like record-keeping, law enforcement, and national defense. Serving on military bases and at recruiting offices within the United States was particularly dangerous from 2009-2014, when a string of shootings claimed the lives of 34 servicemen. The number of deaths is minuscule compared to foreign wars, but the unserious response of officials like General Casey exposes the politically correct nature of the military. Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion in 2009 and Bradley Manning’s intelligence leaks in 2010 also fit the pattern of fracturing military cohesion. All of these examples were harbingers of the Social Justice military the Left is currently trying to create with coed units, sexual harassment tribunals, and trans rights.

There is no coherent reporting on these issues because no conspiracy or cabal is needed to destroy the crumbling institutions of a superpower. There is no one to arrest or prosecute; every individual and institution just goes on seeking their own private interests, and the cumulative effect is chaos and incompetence throughout government. The scandal is right out in the open, but no one can see it coming; it only becomes visible after the military loses its fighting capacity and becomes a danger to its own citizens.

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