Virginia Stays Blue, Emboldening Anti-Whites

Victory in Virginia means Democrats will double down on anti-Whiteness in upcoming elections. 

Virginia Stays Blue, Emboldening Anti-Whites

by Tom Shackleford

Although you won’t find this headline anywhere else, it accurately sums up the results of the election. Democrat Ralph Northam won the Virginia governor’s race by a margin of 53 to 46% over the swamp Republican, Ed Gillespie. These results are not a surprise. For the Alt Right, the Democratic campaign tactics bode very well. Let’s take a look at the facets of the election.

Virginia Is A Blue State
First of all, Virginia has been a blue state for at least a decade. This is the result of a transformational influx of immigrants. Demographic change is driven by the massive presence of the Federal government and its contractors, mainly in the north. As a result, Northern Virginia is home to some of the wealthiest counties in the nation. In my experience, many of the Whites in this region are severely out of touch with the unpleasant reality that pervades elsewhere in this rotting country. In this election, they even sent a revolting tranny to the state House of Delegates. That should provide some insight into their state of mind.

When added to the Blacks and newly imported vibrants, their votes are decisive. Republicans haven’t won a major statewide election since the Bush administration. Outside of exceptional circumstances we’ve yet to see, they can no longer contest the VA governorship or its senate seats.

If Trump couldn’t win VA, then some globalist, milquetoast Republican definitely couldn’t pull it off. He lost VA by roughly 5%, and then Gillespie lost it by about 7%. The results are consistent with what we saw in the 2016 election. So, it’s a mistake to buy the hype that this election was a “bellwether” referendum on Trump as the Dems have proclaimed.

At this point, celebrating a Democratic victory in VA is like celebrating one in Illinois and then claiming the results can be scaled up to the entire country. Clearly they cannot, or the devil himself wouldn’t be currently be tweeting about them from the White House.

Trump moved the needle in places where the establishment didn’t expect him to (the “blue wall” most notably) because they were clueless about our terminal malaise. NOVA is one of the heartlands of the establishment, engorged on federal profligacy. How could a candidate speaking accurately about the country’s existential problems resonate in an area that has grown fat on our national decline? Thus, his second rejection there doesn’t say much about the national electorate. It’s little wonder Trump devoted nothing more than tweets to the election.

Ralph Northam
My principal misgiving about Northam is that he is unlikely to be as inflammatory as the slimy carpetbagger Terry McAuliffe. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute, a school steeped in the history and symbolism of the Confederacy. As a cadet, he would have saluted the tomb of Robert E. Lee every time he walked out of the front gate. I suspect that privately he his unhappy about the statue purge. I’ve met him on a couple of occasions and he strikes me as traditional Democrat. Like the rest of his ilk, he is now stuck with the anti-White platform that’s been adopted over the past decade. Let’s hope he can polarize, but I’m skeptical.

The Latino Victory Project
The most important result of this race took the form of a hilarious TV ad. By now, everyone is probably familiar with the attack on Gillespie. If not, here’s a quick recap: a merry band of diverse youthful ascendants are strolling down a sidewalk until a White man in pickup truck attempts to run them down. As the new, better faces of VA flee in terror, a Confederate battle flag flutters on the tailgate. It was sponsored by the Latino Victory Project (a tremendously useful name). After the ad aired, a Muslim imported on a diversity visa promptly rented a pickup truck and ploughed through a crowd in Manhattan, shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Yet, Northam still won in VA. That will not go unnoticed.

Victory will probably lead the emboldened Dems to conclude that ads like this are effective. So, we should be elated at the prospect of seeing plenty more of this. It will continue to be an incredible boon to our movement, as being vilified does little to reconcile people to their own displacement. It’s a perfect illustration of why vibrants and the Dems are not our enemies. In fact, their relentless anti-White agitation makes our job much easier. If the Alt-Right is the informative carrot towards White Nationalism, then they are the infuriating stick.

The ad was so good that I remain unconvinced it wasn’t produced at the instigation of one of our guys. Here’s one I hope they film in the future: brown scientists are cycling home from a day of advanced medical research, when suddenly they are chased down by a pack of Dodge Chargers filled with White men in Waffen SS uniforms. The possibilities are endless, so have your popcorn ready once the 2018 midterm campaigns get underway.

Charlottesville Played A Defining Role
Now that we have a couple of month’s distance from “Unite the Right,” it’s clear that the guys who took a courageous stand made a decisive impact. Looking back historically, it will be obvious that the event marked a sharp turning point in the late history of America. Let’s take a look at why:

1) The backlash against UTR has made rapprochement between regular Whites and the Democratic Party very difficult, because the Dems and the MSM have really ratcheted up their anti-White efforts.

2) It’s provoked a nationwide crusade against statues of White men, which doesn’t sit well even with civic-nationalist cucks who are already stifled by escalating affirmative action and diversity training.

3) There’s an absurd Nazi hysteria now. Many mainstream White figures like Ed Gillespie are stuck fighting the smear.

4) Totally against their will, the Republicans are now hopelessly associated with us, the rapidly growing chorus of reason. So, hitting us with epithets means little at this point.

4) Attacking White heritage has become conflated with attacking Trump, who is now a Nazi along with the rest of us. This guarantees the campaign will continue unabated.

Enjoy the Show
It took 16 years of war and demographic displacement, 8 of them stamped with the derelict “hope & change,” for the concept of White Nationalism to enter the mainstream consciousness. In other words, the spread of White Nationalist concepts is directly correlated with the escalating consequences of Clownworld. Thus, as these consequences multiply and increase in severity, so too will the popular support for our cause.

Fortunately, it’s now clear that we can really count on the Dems to do their part. The Republicans have no choice but to rationalize it to themselves and denounce us as Nazis or useful idiots of Russia. What’s so delightful is how ignorant they seem to be of their place in the same category with the guys they condemn.

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