Why You Should Play Identity Politics

Individualism will fail in the 21st Century. It’s time to embrace identity politics.

Why You Should Play Identity Politics

by Yuri Low-Interest-Loanberg

Dear Normie,


At first I hated identity politics as much as you. Why can’t we all just be proud to be American? We are the greatest country on Earth, and what’s good for one group should be good for all groups. After all, doesn’t a rising tide lift all boats, including the ones that aren’t painted white? This is why we should just focus on prosperity for all and the Constitution! Unfortunately, those are all just lies told by cynical book merchants who have radio talk shows.

Following the Constitution wouldn’t work out too well for most of the Americans not descendant from the founding stock, because that would involve absolutely no government handouts at all, no more affirmative action benefits, no more well-paying and pointless government jobs, and the Americans not of the founding stock would not be able to move into preferable neighborhoods made enjoyable by other people. This is why they play identity politics. At the end of the day, everyone knows what a real American looks like, and it’s a White person.

Americans who can trace their heritage to sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, or any part of the world outside Europe want a liberal immigration policy to increase their power in cultural and political terms. These people know that they are stronger when playing as a team than as a bunch of individuals. It’s like playing basketball and the Red Team only passes the ball to other people on the Red Team but the Green Team passes it to anyone running in the general direction of the hoop. Obviously the Red Team would win under those circumstances.

This is essentially occurring on a macro scale. To further illustrate my point, let’s suppose Country One plays as a team under the motto “Blood and Soil,”  and Country Two refuses to play as a team because some of the bench warmers were upset that they couldn’t ride in the front of the team bus and plays under the motto “We Are All The Same.” Country One manages to get enough of its people into Country Two to make up fifteen percent of the population of Country Two. Now Country One controls over fifteen percent of Country Two, because it’s people work together, and some of Country Two will inevitably switch sides to socially signal. Replace “Country One” with Mexico and “Country Two” with America, and you have something resembling our current situation.

 Understand that and all of these political alliances that, on the surface, don’t make any sense—feminists allying with Muslims, Blacks allying with Hispanics, and radical environmentalists befriending oil companies—all begin to make sense. The fall back that I once had, and many like me unfortunately still have, is shooting back: We’re a nation of immigrants, Assimilation! This will fail because we have lost all confidence in ourselves and are projected to be a minority by 2040, meaning they know that the winds are at their backs. Thus, assimilation loses all of its appeal, So if you were in their shoes, why wouldn’t you constantly be beating the drum of identity politics?

The only winning strategy is to start thinking collectively for our people, not retreat into radical individualism, which is only a fairy tale told by cynical radio show hosts in order to sell books to the naïve and those who think you can talk someone who has a IQ of 85 into cultural suicide through complex reasoning and abstraction concepts. The only question is if you are strong enough to let go of previous idiotic assumptions and accept reality. You let go of the Tooth Fairy and Santa, now it’s time to let go of individualism and embrace identity politics.

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