Democrat Attacks Backfire

The same narratives the Democrats have used to attack Trump are coming back to haunt them.

Democrat Attacks Backfire

by Tom Shackleford

Watching the narratives advanced by the establishment backfire on them is probably the most amusing aspect of Trump’s presidency. It’s certainly more entertaining than television, which I can’t bear to watch anymore. True, the hysteria itself is rather tiresome. Yet, it’s all worth it when a net cast out for Trump ends up snaring all sorts of vile creatures that it was never intended to catch.

The delightful irony is that this self-defeating strategy could have been avoided if they had only learned from the hard lessons meted out to them during the 2016 campaign fiasco. Clearly they’re capable of gleaning very little from failure. That shouldn’t disappoint us in the least. Let’s take a look at two cases.


Donald Trump is obviously a man with a virile libido. We’ve all chuckled at the stories of him going on a tear between marriages. Yeah, he’s made full use of his fame and fortune to bang really hot women. That’s not a shock, and it had nothing to do with the issues that propelled him to the presidency. Thus, he can’t be sunk by accusations that are not a revelation to anyone. Recall the “gotcha!” story released by the Clinton Campaign about Venezuelan beauty queen, Alicia Machado? OMG, Trump called her “Miss Piggy”! Um, he got lots of laughs and applause for calling Rosy O’Donnell a “fat pig” and “disgusting animal,” so how could more of that hurt? Soon after, a tape surfaced of Machado getting plowed on a reality TV show along with reports of her driving a getaway car in a bank robbery and threatening to kill a judge. Whew! What a disaster, let’s move on? Nope.

The Clinton Machine failed to take into account that Bill is perhaps the most famous sexual-assaulter in history. Lots of middle-aged White women voted for Trump. To them, Bill’s scandals in the 1990’s were fresh in the mind. Hillary’s feminist angle didn’t really line up with the reality that had disgusted them nearly 20 years prior. Women knew that she was nothing without her philandering husband. Bringing up these issues did much more to hurt Clinton than Trump. Why not just leave the matter alone, seeing as it’s a Pyrrhic line of attack?

Well, these people simply cannot help themselves. They’ve never stopped, and now the hysteria has destroyed some of the Clinton’s most ardent backers in Hollywood and the MSM. Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as the fiend that everyone knew he was all along. It’s even emerged that he hired Black Cube, a firm comprised of former Mossad agents, to intimidate his victims. There’s now talk of imminent criminal charges.

Fast forward through a long list of other newly-exposed perverts to “America’s Dad,” Matt Lauer. He fits the Weinstein mold. His office was fitted with an electronic door lock that he could trigger from his desk. Nothing rapey about that set-up. Why does the MSM persist with this madness knowing full well that their ranks, along with the population of the DC Beltway, are chocked full of creepy miscreants? We can probably expect much more amusement to come from this self-immolation.


The “Russia stole the election” narrative was started by the Clinton campaign the morning after they got devastated. Trying to make an excuse for why she lost is fine, but did they ever consider the consequences of that particular accusation? Once again, definitely not. They started it, and then the idiots in Congress ran with it. The Combating Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act was crafted and signed into law by Obama back in December of 2016. Included in the legislation was a $160 million appropriation for propaganda. Some of this went to the Alliance for Securing Democracy. It employs many despicable Jewish architects of the Iraq war, such as Bill Kristol. Their aim is to push Russia out of the Middle East in order to enable a strike on Iran. The excuse put out by Clinton has now been seized by them as a pretext for war. There’s plenty of money to ensure that this won’t ever go away.

Mueller’s unlimited investigation into this ludicrous allegation has now entangled a preeminent swamp creature. Tony Podesta, the brother of Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, was until recently the head of a lobbying group that worked on behalf of the Uranium One deal approved when Clinton was Secretary of State. Her “charities” received around $140 million in donations from the stakeholders in this company, and Bill was flown to Moscow to give a speech for $500,000 and meet with Putin. It’s an embarrassing story that could have been laid to rest in 2016, but they refused to let that happen.

Transactions like these don’t happen by coincidence. They’re damning to the Clintons and their key associates to the point of criminal prosecution. Deals with Russia are a subject that they shouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole. These people are playing Russian Roulette with these sink-Trump gambits. The blowback is sure to continue.

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