Federal Judge Overturns Trump, Forces Military to Take Trannies

This is not about “equal rights.” This is about turning the American military into a summer camp for freaks.

Federal Judge Overturns Trump, Forces Military to Take Trannies

by Jay Lorenz

On Monday, a federal judge denied the Trump administration’s request to extend a deadline which forces the military to begin allowing transgender people by January 1. The Department of Justice has appealed the decision.

In August, Trump overturned an Obama policy which allowed transgender people to serve in the United States military. At the time, it seemed pretty straight forward. The policy was simply a return to a historical norm. Before Obama, the U.S. military did not allow trannies, or people will any number of other mental illnesses, to join. Then Obama decided to further the demented social experiment he conducted on America for eight years. The effectiveness of the American military was no longer the primary concern of the Commander-in-Chief—it was replaced by the SJW mantra of individual rights and acceptance of freaks and perverts. To reverse such an aberration seemed relatively simple. Certainly there was no legal case to be made against Trump’s policy.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled that preventing transgenders from serving violates the equal protection guarantees in the Constitution. This is poor reasoning because equal protection has nothing to do with military service. By her logic, quadruple amputees, the mentally retarded, and schizophrenics cannot be barred from the military either. If these people get their way, the military will be full of people who are either unable to fire a weapon or are just as likely to turn their weapons on their own side as they are the enemy. It is clear that the American court system has gone completely rogue. Many circuits are stuffed with activist judges who show disdain for U.S. law as they push an agenda of anti-Americanism and complete destruction of law and order. Many are wondering how it can be the case that random activist judges from anywhere in the country can stop legal presidential orders from going into effect. In the case of the travel ban, a judge in Hawaii ruled against it hours before it went into effect. It then took months for the Supreme Court to uphold the order.

As this case works its way through the legal system, the Pentagon is preparing to let trannies join by January 1, and paying for the “treatment” of those already in the military. From the New York Times:

Air Force Staff Sgt. Ashlee Bruce, who began her transition this year, said young transgender troops like her have been on edge in recent months, but noted that even after Mr. Trump announced all transgender troops would be discharged, her commanders and the medical team overseeing her transition continued to reassure her. They cleared the way for her to begin hormone treatments and have her name changed before she leaves for an assignment in South Korea in March.

“Everyone in the leadership kept saying it would be OK; they never wavered,” she said. Though she still has to wear a man’s uniform at work, she appeared in a dress for the first time at her squadron’s holiday party last week, with the support of her command.

“It was the first time I could show who I really was, and everyone was so great about it,” she said.

This is a reminder of how cucked out military leaders are. They are not fighting this at all, because they do not want the ban. Despite all the accolades and the “Mad Dog” moniker, Secretary of Defense James Mattis is really just a cucked boomer who got where he is by submissively playing the system, and he continues to do so. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is also against the ban, among others. One wonders how so many ostensibly tough, masculine men could be so cucked. Any normal man feels revulsion when thinking of trannies, let alone trannies in the military. Are our generals really just fruitcakes, or are they submitting to powerful forces that have them by the balls? Either way, this is less than ideal behavior from men who are supposed to be the toughest among us, and who are sworn to protect our nation from its enemies.

The fact that we are even having a conversation over whether mentally ill people receiving high doses of hormones should be serving in the military is ridiculous. That this absurd issue is going to be debated in the highest courts of America for months shows how far we have fallen. That the solution is to allow them to enter in interim shows that we have further still to fall.

Obama set up the policy not just so that trannies could be in the military. He also made it so the military has to fund their transitions—surgery, hormones, the whole thing. Basically, Obama made the U.S. military into a clinic where trannies could get paid to transition, because not only is the expensive “treatment” paid for, but the trannies also receive pay. That means a tranny in the military actual makes many times more than an average military member. As always, this is not about “equal rights.” This is about turning the military into a summer camp for freaks.

Jazzhands McFeels

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