Media Attacks Pro-White Congressional Candidate Paul Nehlen

The nationalist politician was maligned for his pro-American positions, discussion of Judaism, and association with Fash the Nation.

Media Attacks Pro-White Congressional Candidate Paul Nehlen

by Jay Lorenz

Paul Nehlen has been on a tear lately. Since his appearance on Fash the Nation earlier this month, he has boldly defended himself against media and establishment attacks, while continuing to push the political dialogue to the right. It looks like he finally (((crossed the line))) one too many times. In addition to duels with several Jews on Twitter, Nehlen recently sent these  two tweets:

This prompted endless kvetching in the media. Dozens of stories came out criticizing Nehlen for his “anti-Semitic” tweets, his pro-White positions, and his connection to Fash the Nation. The Washington Post especially sought to connect Nehlen to this website. In an article called “The real reason Breitbart abandoned ‘pro-white’ Paul Nehlen,” a Post writer mentions Nehlen’s appearance on the podcast and uses this article by me as evidence that FTN and, by association, Nehlen are White supremacist.  Another Washington Post article sought to do the same, mentioning his interview on the podcast and this:

“On far-right social media and news sites, Nehlen’s public brawls with center-right figures have become celebrated.

‘Nehlen can comfortably enter the political arena and use his history as a hard-working, productive citizen to back up his aggressive campaign,’ wrote ‘Ash Brighton,’ a contributor to ‘Fash The Nation,’ on Dec. 20. ‘With just twenty people or so like Paul Nehlen in Congress, there won’t be enough resources in the anti-White establishment to mount an effective resistance.’ “

The Post’s Dave Weigel and Ash are both right. We are excited to see a pro-White candidate fighting for us. And we need people like Paul Nehlen in Congress. Lots of them.

The biggest uproar seemed to come over the Culture of Critique tweet. Jake Tapper of CNN jumped at the chance to point out the forbidden book:

Notice the vitriol for simply reading a book. Also notice that Tapper insinuated that it is outrageous that Jews might have anything to do with sentiment against them. Whites constantly wonder if they are doing right by other races and seek to change their behavior based on “White privilege” and “White supremacy” critiques made mostly by Jews. Jews themselves have exactly zero introspection. Anti-Semitism, they claim, always comes from nowhere. The reason most people who have been in contact with Jews throughout history have not liked them has nothing to do with Jewish behavior. It is hate that comes out of thin air, and is uniquely reserved for the poor, suffering Jewish people. A likely story.

Tapper also called Nehlen a “Breitbart favorite.” Bannon disassociated himself from Nehlen shortly after the tweet. Bannon adviser Arthur Schwartz went so far as to say, “Nehlen is dead to us.” Schwartz strikes the tone of pouty ex-girlfriend after a bad breakup. Instead of professionally saying they have severed ties, Schwartz lost his cool as Nehlen exposed the truth about his tribe.

I do not believe the claims from the Guardian that Nehlen’s association with Fash the Nation was the primary reason for Bannon breaking ties. He appeared on FTN a year ago and Bannon continued to support him. More likely, it was a cumulative effect, and his comments about Jews and explicit pro-White positions finally made kosher Breitbart break ties. Oh well, Breitbart’s aimless populism is doomed to fail—it’s time for legitimate pro-White candidates in American politics. While Breitbart sprints toward a dead end, Fash the Nation will support the pro-White candidates, like Paul Nehlen, who are the future of the Republican Party.

*This article has been updated to include an additional Washington Post article written about Nehlen and Fash the Nation.

Jay Lorenz

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