Neo-Ottoman Aggression as Erdogan Makes Territorial Claims on Greece

The Turkish threat must be stopped.

Neo-Ottoman Aggression as Erdogan Makes Territorial Claims on Greece

by Markos Power

Turkish President Recep Erdogan recently completed an official state visit to Greece. What was supposed to be a trust building exercise has turned into a literal threat to the security of Greece and the whole Balkan region.

From Greek City Times:

“There are some details in the Treaty of Lausanne, which are not properly understood. This is an agreement signed 94 years ago and not just between Greece and Turkey”, Erdogan replied while naming Japan as one of these countries, with Pavlopoulos stressing the importance of respect to international law.

Moreover, Erdogan referred to the 100,000 members of the Muslim minority living in Thrace as “Turkish” and said they are being subjected to discriminations as they are not provided with the necessary support. He also said that the European Court of Human Rights supported defining members of the minority as “Turkish” rather than solely “Muslims. The Turkish President is scheduled to hold a private visit to the region, before leaving Greece, on Friday.

Erdogan reiterated his view that the Lausanne Treaty needs to be “revised”. “The Lausanne Treaty was signed by 11 countries. Are there only provisions for the Aegean in the treaty? Isn’t there anything about the status of the two minorities? In western Thrace we have a Muslim minority and we believe there can be new thoughts on this issue», he stressed adding that despite the issues of the Aegean are tricky they can be resolved through dialogue. Answering to journalist’s on what is the meaning of those “revisions” he is suggesting for the Treaty of Lausanne he clarified that his country “does not covet the territorial integrity of any neighboring country”

Erdogan Is Setting Greece Up For Domestic Problems By Riling Up The Muslim Population

The Treaty of Lausanne is the agreement that lead to the modern borders of Greece and Turkey. By openly questioning the treaty, while visiting Greece nonetheless, Erdogan is signalling that he is open to expanding the Turkish borders

One of his strategies is blatant.

There is a Muslim minority located in Northern Greece that still exists as a leftover from the Ottoman Empire (unlike Turkey which ethnically cleansed all Greek Christians from its territory).  Erdogan is trying to push the meme that they are a “Turkish minority” in order to try and rile up these people. He will play up the ‘oppressed minority’ card and will threaten to invade this region of Greece in order to “guarantee their safety,” similar to what Turkey did when they illegally invaded Cyprus. 

Why Is This Happening? Turkey Smells Blood In The Water

Currently, Greece is in an awful state.

Between the ongoing financial crisis, debt enslavement to the European Union, and the constant flood of illegal Muslims from everywhere but Syria flooding in, Erdogan knows Greece is weak.

It doesn’t help that Greece has horrible leadership akin to the Obama administration. The ruling party in Greece is SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left), which is basically governing as a Globalist Democrat-like party.

But, Greece is just a small picture to the larger issue facing Europe. Turkey has threatened the European Union on multiple occasions, demanding payment and others things, and has gotten all it has asked for.

Turkey is the one literally busing these ‘migrants’ to their border so they can make their way into Europe. Also remember, it was only 2 years ago that Turkey shot down a Russian jet in Syria. 

Europe is weak; the Neo-Ottoman threat is real.

Greece and Europe must wake up to this mess, and take care of business. 

Shut the border. Send them home.

Stop the Turks.


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