Paul Nehlen is the Model

Aspiring right-wing politicians should learn from Paul Nehlen.

Paul Nehlen is the Model

by Ash Brighton

As Sodom on the Pacific burns, a different kind of conflagration is happening east of the Mississippi. Paul Nehlen is running wild on Twitter, never letting up in his bold campaign to unseat the King Cuck, House Speaker Paul Ryan. Even though Ryan maintained his seat in the 2016 election, Nehlen has only intensified his attacks, incessantly calling out Ryan’s hypocrisy and pandering to special interests.

At the same time, Nehlen has unapologetically sat at the right edge of the Overton window, and recently has been playing the young man’s game of trolling to great effect. One such episode started when dual-citizen Hallel Silverman decided to share her mind:

Notice which flag Hallel put first. That was no accident. This scuffle apparently caught the attention of lead Chippendale John Podhoretz, who entered the fray with a low-energy insult.

Nehlen’s response sent Podhoretz and pantywaist-Twitter into fits. Podhoretz of course  played the Jew card and fell into the trap, at which point Nehlen finished the job:

Nehlen’s Twitter feed is relentless, and it’s paying off. Here he is attacking Waleed Shahid, who tries the race card:

Dreamers get their due:

And the attacks on Ryan never cease:

That’s a small sample of Nehlen’s recent tear. This is just one arm of Nehlen’s campaign strategy. He’s consistently working hard at his goal, though the election is still many months away. If he runs, Ryan will have a much tougher time this go-round. If rumors of his retirement are true, Nehlen is in even better position.

You should also be finding opportunities to run for office. Much has been said about how President Trump has changed the political landscape, collapsing the squishy center and pushing the two parties closer to their logical endpoints. This chaos has created many openings, and it is up to us to exploit those opportunities while they’re available.

If we don’t, these windows may slam shut. The Left has not grown timid in the face of defeat. They are furious and will be seeking revenge for decades in measures up to and including the equivalent of Bolshevism. There are hundreds of millions of dollars funding openly anti-White media and advocacy groups. School systems, universities, city councils, state governments, and even churches are doubling down on dispossession and demoralization of Traditional Americans and their values. The time for timid, meet-in-the-middle politics has passed. The stakes are higher than ever, as it’s no longer about effective governance through orderly debate and compromise, but rather ethnic and ideological spoils, using subjective legal interpretation as a tool and political and institutional control as the muscle.

Trump himself, though, is not the model for office-seekers, unless you happen to have billions in net worth and an established media presence. Candidate Nehlen is a better person to emulate for us lower on the logarithmic distribution. Having had a successful career in the private sector, Nehlen can comfortably enter the political arena and use his history as a hard-working, productive citizen to back up his aggressive campaign. He says what his constituents are thinking, never backs down, stays on top of the political scene, supports other candidates nationwide (see his many tweets in support of Judge Moore for the Alabama Senate race), mines lefty salt, and has fun the whole time. Do any of those characteristics sound familiar to you? With just twenty people or so like Paul Nehlen in Congress, there won’t be enough resources in the anti-White establishment to mount an effective resistance.

Whether you’re running for school board, sheriff, or Senate, consider the Nehlen way. Roll up your sleeves, be bold and uncompromising in public and compassionate face-to-face, and have fun while we Make America Great Again.

Ash Brighton

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