How To Stop White Urban Liberals

White urban culture is toxic. We must show them a better way.

How To Stop White Urban Liberals

by Markos Power

The Left loves to try and deconstruct and discredit anything and everything that does not conform with their Globalist Open Borders agenda. They think that ideas such as pride and respect for your people and culture, belief in something greater than your next bugman purchase, and sacrifice for anything other than yourself is something best left for the rubes of flyover country.

The Left likes to believe they have all the smart people on their side. They will be shocked to learn that their suffocating  ‘conform or die’ atmosphere cannot attract and will never retain creative thinkers and the truly intelligent among their ranks.

All they really have are ultra-conformists who cannot think outside of the “don’t be a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, etc.” paradigm.

The Left loves to insult and attack everyday Americans. How about we have a little fun and turn the spotlight around back at them?

What is The Urban Environment?

The ‘White City’ was literally only constructed to house the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. It was meant to look like a city but was nothing more than a glorified amusement park.

For starters, the Urban environment is artificially constructed. It is not the natural environment of man, and is more akin to how insects and rodent colonies live.

The best way to think about an urban environment is to think of it as a large amusement park. If you think of a modern day Blue City as such, we can break it down into smaller units that make up the whole:

ATMs: Places of employment are pay farms for the urban dweller. Your typical 9-5 corporate cubical worker who lives in the city is more than likely only there to make to finance his ‘playtime’ (going out to the bar, booze, concerts, drugs, etc).

Rides: Bars, clubs, concert festivals. The whole point of living in the city for the vast majority of WULs (White Urban Liberals) is to enjoy all the fun things that a city provides.

Food stands: Expensive resturants, ethnic food, and other fun ‘foodie’ things.

Entertainment: All of the things that a city provides such as ‘free’ music in the parks, marathons and races, and all of the neighborhood street festivals. Since there’s so much to do, you don’t even need to think about anyone or anything outside of your own little bubble.

Trolleys and parking: You don’t even need your own transportation. The city government will provide to you so you don’t need to plan ahead or do anything!


Move out to the burbs…. to start a family? LMFAO! All the fun and entertainment is here… why would I move? Plus, like, how the hell can I travel and afford things for myself with children lol

Who Lives There?

While there are a few different types of people that live in the city, I’m going to focus on the White Urban Liberals (WULs). I already wrote an in depth piece on them here, but this topic is something that needs to be further addressed.

Who are these people?

Well, you probably know them quite well.

– They are people you know from high school or college who moved to the city immediately after graduating from college.

– They didn’t care about living at home a few years to save their money, but instead wanted to move out right away in order to extend their adolescent lifestyle and keep the ‘college life’ going.

– They still party and get drunk on the weekends, smoke weed and do other drugs, attend concert festivals, and are advent sports fans for their home teams.

– They are against “racism, sexism, bigotry, and hate,” terms they often hear repeated to them from the Corporate Media and other WULs. They have little to no understanding of the terms

– They have completely bought into the Globalist system and are 100% conformists to it.

These people essentially hold the same exact views as the Multinational Corporations, the elites, and the Corporate Media. That is because their whole life is built around these views; their urban amusement park cannot exist without it.

Conformity is the name of the game. They have been rewarded by their conformity: a job to pay for their mindless consumption and entertainment, endless escapism and hedonistic ‘fun’ in the urban amusement park, and a group of “friends” who can easily bond over their favorite sports team and how ‘anti-racist’ they are. 

To start talking about serious issues (the danger of endless immigration and Open Borders, building a wall, and Islamic terrorism) is a threat to their extended adolescence and to their urban amusement parks.

As such,  they will be automatically opposed to anything that threatens to take away their “good times,” just as a child will initially be opposed to an adult trying to impose structure and order in his or her life. 

What Needs To Be Done?

Children won’t impose order and structure in their lives without an adult guiding and helping them along. Children won’t “grow up” without the help of their parents. Similarly, WULs will not “grow up” on their own without outside interference and help. 

Look, if they weren’t an issue, it’s possible they could forever ‘play’ in their urban amusement parks. The problem is, the borders need to  be shut. We cannot keep allowing millions of Third Worlders to enter our country, as they overwhelmingly vote for the Democrats and their Globalist policies. We will simply be outnumbered and outvoted if nothing changes. 

As it stands, the WULs are major supporters of these policies and thus need to be addressed.

1. Make them pay for their own virtue signaling

It’s common knowledge that Blue states are high tax states. These high taxes take away from the product members of society (you) to give to those who do not produce, and are most likely there because they vote for and support the Democrats. In short: they take away from you (who wants a smaller government via lower taxes and low immigration) and give to immigrants and their descendants (who want a larger government with higher taxes and high immigration/open borders). 

As it stands, these high tax states can subsidize their virtue signaling (such as ‘Sanctuary Cities’) by writing off their state income taxes against their federal income taxes.

What this means is that the State can say ‘oh well, we can raise OUR state taxes to pay for our programs, because OUR people can write it off and not pay the federal government that amount.’ As such, they are not paying their fair share.

What needs to be done (which is currently being discussed and may be addressed in the most recent tax bill) is that this tax write off needs be eliminated. The Blue States need to feel the full weight of their high tax policies. They need to choose between spending  billions on illegals or paying even higher taxes. Let the WULs pay the full share of their taxes and then see if they continue to support their virtue signaling programs.

2. Use The Power of the Feds to Enforce Federal Law

This is a perfect opportunity for the Feds. Chicago is going to issue IDs simply to allow illegals to have documentation and be able to vote in city elections.

The Federal Government has a huge arsenal of options to deal with states (let alone cities) that do not comply with federal law.

The Federal Government needs to crack down on illegals who occupy the Blue cities. They need to step up and send home more people who are in our country illegally. Crack down on employers, and target drug dealers and violent criminals who are here illegally.

Using the Feds to enforce the law signals to the WULs that there are laws and rules that society must follow, and their playtime and ‘let’s all just get along guys’ mantra of naivety is a thing of the past. It also has the effect of making them question their ‘conformity’; it will get them thinking, “Wait, am I on the wrong side of this? I want to conform but there are opposing rules and ideas and I’m not sure which way to go.” Over time, this could play a greater role. 

3. Question, Mock, and Ridicule Their Adolesent and Childish Beliefs 

Currently, the Corporate Media, Hollyweird, and actors (some people mistakenly call them ‘celebrities’) are directing the greater American and Western culture towards a Globalist Open Borders consumerist one. 

We need to fix that.

We are having a greater cultural impact than many imagine. We need to keep speaking up and speaking the truth. We need to:

  • Call out the WULs on their childish and hedonistic ways. 

Dude, you’re 30 and acting like a 18 year old. Stop being such a loser

For example, if one of them says something similar to this:

“You know, I’ve been dating Becka for 6 years, but I’m not ready to get married. Even though I’m 27 years old and have a high paying job, I’m not ready to move out to the burbs and start a family. The city has so much more to offer; bars, resturants and the like just a walk away. It has so much entertainment and fun things to do.”

A proper way to respond is: 

“It sounds like you just want to extend your adolescence and keep living a college life. Dude, got to grow up sometime. When you say you’re “not ready,” it just sounds like you want to keep pretending you are 20 just so you have an excuse to keep drinking and smoking weed. Kinda sounds loserish if you ask me.”

By blatantly and boldly speaking the truth, this will have the effect of shocking them into realizing you are correct, and planting the seed that perhaps they are simply that: a “20 or 30 something” living like a college kid who won’t give it up.

  • Speak the truth about family, community, and Christianity.

We need to get it out in the broader culture that, no, it isn’t “cool” to live like a college kid at age 29. We need to talk about why it’s important to have a family and be a part of a larger community, as well as praising such things openly.

We need to live that life. When our friends and family see how good we have it, they will naturally want to emulate us. Do not underestimate this, as this hits on the basics of human nature to ‘do what other successful people do.’

Attacks on Christianity are attacks on our culture, customs, and traditions. Attacks on Christianity by the Left are attacks on us. Even if you do not believe in God at this point in your life, you need to recognize this and not go along with these attacks. 

  • Reject and replace the current Corporate Culture.

The current culture of the West is basically a massive propaganda campaign to convince the people to support Globalist policies such as Open Borders.

We need to withdraw our support of such things. Do not pay for their movies, do not waste your time watching their TV shows and paying them for it, drop your support from professional sports, and do something productive with your time.

At the same time, we need to create our own cultural space where we can promote not only our positive ideas but the truth about what is happening around us. There are already many alternative sources of the news, Youtube channels, blogs, and websites. I only suspect more of this going into the future.

You Are Not Wrong

No, you are not wrong in believing that something is off.

You are right in sensing that something is wrong with our greater culture and society. Although you may not have been able to properly articulate it, you knew that the Corporate Hollywood culture was nothing more than propaganda to infantilize our people, while at the same time our government flooded our country with replacement level Third World migration.

In regards to redemption of the WULs, there is only one way: carrot and stick, push/pull, compliment and ridicule. The only way to change behavior is by offering incentives and taking away privileges. With the threat of massive demographic replacement and literally losing our nations, the privilege of living in a consumerist and pleasure seek bubble in the urban amusement park cannot last (not to mention physical danger now that cities are becoming increasingly more violent and dangerous). 

We just need to be there to offer them something better, and with truth on our side, it is very possible for us to do so.  Let us be the best version of ourselves we can be, and let us do the best we can.

We only live once on this great Earth of ours. Let’s be the best we can be. Let’s make a positive difference.

Let’s go.


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