The American Flag is a Symbol of White Supremacy

The Left is right when they say the American flag is White supremacist. We shouldn’t be afraid to agree.

The American Flag is a Symbol of White Supremacy

by Jay Lorenz

To the Left, everything is White supremacy. Immigration law, the president, voter ID laws, and even pumpkin spice lattes are considered White supremacist. American history is no exception. The settlement of America was racist and wrong, as was the entirety of its history up to and including the modern day. Because the Left calls everything White supremacy, the term has lost its meaning and its sting. In a world where everything Whites do or have done is racist, the American flag is hardly alone as a White supremacist symbol.

White supremacy is lurking everywhere.

But, it goes deeper than that. The American flag isn’t White supremacist in the superficial way that many of these things are claimed to be. It is a legitimate historical symbol of the supremacy of Europeans on the North American continent. Whites conquered this land. Though it was not, as many contend, “stolen” from the Indians. They did not have a unified nation in the land that is the United States, but were tribes competing against each other across a vast distance. These tribes would only have been familiar with their closest neighbors, the vast majority of the territory unknown to them. They would not have even known the rest of America existed, because they did not travel it and did not have maps. Indian tribes often cooperated with Europeans in order to fight against rival tribes also. This was not an invasion and subversion of a nation (like we are seeing throughout the West today), but a competition between many tribes, in which one reigned supreme.

Whites took this land for their own, occasionally vanquishing tribes along the way, much the same as territorial acquisition has been done since time immemorial. As they did so, they forged a new European nation on the North American continent.

The people who tamed the land and built the foundation of America were literal White supremacists. The growth of America coincided with the larger European colonization of the world, which gave birth to the field of race science. The racial theories of the 18th and 19th centuries would make most in the Alt Right blush. The White men at this time were probably the most White supremacist in all of history. They had discovered peoples from all over the world, many previously unknown, all while the technology gap between Europe and the rest of the world was the greatest that it had ever been. The Europeans had reason to think themselves superior, and conducted themselves as such. It’s probably fair to say that the capabilities of non-Whites were actually underestimated at this time. While we know and understand that there are significant differences between the races, those differences were thought to be even more pronounced at the time the United States was founded. The Founding Fathers especially are well-known slave owners and White nationalists who restricted citizenship to White men.

After that, America did not become any less White supremacist. The Civil War is often pointed to as a turning point—the war that Whites fought on behalf of Blacks. However, the Civil War was fought between the Confederacy, which wanted to keep Africans as slaves, and the Union, which was led by Abraham Lincoln, who wanted to repatriate Blacks to Africa. Both choices fall well within the standard of White supremacy. The stars and stripes prevailed over the stars and bars, and thus the American flag remained the strongest symbol of White supremacy in North America.

The Civil War is not the fabled war that finally defeated White supremacy in America. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prohibited the importation of Chinese laborers. The 1924 Immigration Act was explicitly aimed at maintaining the Nordic composition of the United States. Jim Crow laws put in place after the Civil War lasted until 1965. Jim Crow curfews, segregation, and other laws kept a check on Black dysfunction and ensured White supremacy in America.

It is only within the past few decades that the American flag has not been an explicit symbol of White supremacy. The political establishment has tried to change the meaning to a universal symbol of “equality, freedom, liberty,” and whatever other liberal mumbo-jumbo is the talking point that week. The emerging Left has a better historical understanding of the flag. Like our predecessors, they know that the American flag is a symbol of White supremacy.

When the Left calls the flag a symbol of White supremacy, they seek to tear it down, burn it, and generally disparage it. They want to get rid of it. The Alt Right should agree that the flag is a symbol of White supremacy and assert that it should remain. We must once again get consensus agreement that the flag is a symbol of our people. Once that work is done, the flag can again be a distinguishing identifier. Americans will fly and salute the American flag. Non-Americans will not.

This is why I advocate the use of the American flag and American symbolism in the Alt Right. When we use these symbols, it links American imagery to the new “White supremacy” of the Alt Right. We should take the torch from our ancestors and use the flag as a symbol of our White nation.

Some will say that the flag has already been corrupted and changed into the universal globalist symbol the J-establishment has sought to make it. A genuine American nationalist movement makes that impossible. American nationalism is White nationalism because Americans are White and America is a White nation. With a confident and assertive American nationalism, it will be impossible to claim the flag stands for multiracial democracy.

The image at the top of this article is Arlington National Cemetery, home to thousands of dead White soldiers from the Civil War on. These are White men who fought and died for our country. Through blood and soil, this is our nation. The American flag is ours too.

Jay Lorenz

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