The Trump Witch Hunt has Consequences

ABC’s false story about Trump, Michael Flynn, and Russia revealed the danger of the pursuit to impeach the president.

The Trump Witch Hunt has Consequences

by Tom Shackleford

After ABC released its fake story that candidate Trump directed General Flynn to make contact with Russia, the Dow plummeted 350 points. It’s back up once again, but the incident is indicative of just how dangerous this game has become. Yes, we know that the establishment wants Trump gone. However, they seem blithely unconcerned with what the end of this match would look like.

It’s readily apparent that many mainstream figures view Trump as an abnormal event that can be made to go away. While Trump is clearly not a normal person, the horrendous conditions within this country that got him elected are the new normal. Thus, getting rid of him won’t change anything. In fact, his removal would likely act a catalyst for turmoil that doesn’t have any distinct path to resolution. The very fact that they interpret Trump as an aberration demonstrates blindness to what is going around here. These were the same people who thought he had no chance of winning. They don’t appreciate the consequences of his ouster any more than they understand what happened in last year’s election.

Do they really want to lift the curtain?

A lot of White people in this country still naively believe that their rights matter, and that they can cast a vote for someone willing to accomplish the things that are important to them. If Trump were to be removed from office, then there would no longer be any way for the establishment to maintain the pretense of the Democratic process. Combine that realization with resentment over the relentless anti-White hysteria. Think about all the triumphant gloating that would come from leftists. This place is totally poisoned, so go ahead and remove the last pressure relief valve. What could go wrong?

If the unlikely ever happened, his supporters are not going to go out and riot like BLM. Nevertheless, during and after the process there would be MAGA rallies all over the country. We all know who that attracts. So, we’d see a situation where lots of outraged MAGA people would protest in support of the President and then get attacked. What if the violence got two-sided?

Also, take into account that this country is peppered with black volcanoes that can go off for any reason. Just because these people can’t grasp what is going on doesn’t mean it can’t set them off. There aren’t nearly enough cops in this country to implement martial law. As we’ve seen in places like Baltimore or Ferguson, the police aren’t even willing or able to dispense a level of force that could bring turmoil swiftly under control.

Who actually hates Trump?

Trump isn’t really a member of the Republican Party. He simply hijacked it, and for that alone they probably hate him more than the Democrats. For a Democrat in a safe seat, he can energize their base like no one else ever could. To their personal political prospects, he might be the best thing that ever happened. That’s why I pay little attention to harsh rhetoric from that side of the aisle. They don’t have the votes to impeach anyway.

It’s the Republicans to whom he poses the greatest threat. Unlike the Democrats, senior congressional Republicans are objects of contempt to their base. Trump has humiliated them. They’re now in the awkward position of trying to explain why they’re not delivering on what their constituents demand, because their biggest donors won’t allow it. Some of them are choosing to give up and not seek reelection, but the rest still have political aspirations.

Do the means exist to boot him?

In DC, the will is there, but they’re still looking for a way. They have the full power of the MSM behind them, which is still a potent tool. Of course, there is no legitimate reason whatsoever to get rid of him. The entire Russian narrative was started over a fake “piss dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign with money funneled through their lawyer, Marc Alias, and his DC law firm, Perkins Coie. The Campaign Legal Center revealed that they disguised the source of funding by labeling it “legal services” and “legal compliance consulting,” which is a violation of federal law.

It’s no surprise to see yet another instance of the Clintons routinely engaging in illegal activity with impunity. What’s important to note is how the Republicans reacted. The Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act sailed through Congress. Obama signed it into law on December 23, 2016. The act provided 160 million dollars for various groups to produce propaganda about foreign propaganda. This is why we see this constant barrage of bogus “evidence.” If Republicans didn’t like the potential for this absurd story to take down Trump, then it’s doubtful they would have given this legislation their near unanimous support.

Still, none of this translates into a suitable pretext to remove the president. That outcome is highly improbable. The bigger worry here is what could happen at the mere suggestion that they’ve found a pretext. ABC’s recent lie drove the market down even though it was quickly refuted and the reporter suspended. What happens if somebody comes up with an allegation that takes a while to disprove? None of the possible consequences are pleasant. Sometimes, it feels like Congress and the MSM are like a bunch of kids who you just can’t get to stop playing with matches.

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