Women in the Alt Right

Just act normal, people.

Women in the Alt Right

by Yuri Low-Interest Loanberg

The presence of Identitarianism is very recent outside of France, though it has made surprisingly strong leaps forward in the Anglo-Saxon world recently. Trump, Brexit, the rise of the Alt Right, and Judge Moore’s upcoming victory in Alabama are all signs of this. Not all is sunshine and rainbows though; we still face many challenges as we continue to grow, such as political violence committed by the managerial regime’s transsexual foot soldiers, who ironically enough think that they’re rebelling against the system (Antifa), employment termination on political grounds, censorship, and convincing people to take their side, regardless of what the Astroturf’d culture has to say.

One of the ways we as Identitarians spread our ideas is to troll people anonymously on twitter. This is a good method because it attacks wealthy coastal liberals whose cultural values are alien to the rest of the country, even to the ethnic minorities they pretend to care for so much, and who simply can’t tolerate even the mildest, rational, and well thought out criticism of a single political idea they have. This is why they overreact to mocking insults that dismiss them, their ideology, and whatever nonsense they happen to be spewing at that given moment in time. One of the major drawbacks to using this method is that it’s hard for a lot of people to take seriously anonymous twitter users with a goofy persona who are trying to present a serious and new way of thinking. I’m well aware that not everyone will even consider the ideas from a writer with the pen name “Yuri Low-Interest-Loanberg.” This explains why it is important to have people who can come forward with their real names and present their faces to the public, and why few people take up this much needed task.

One of those people who thankfully picked up the torch is Tara McCarthy, who runs a YouTube channel in her name. Tara’s decision to publicly advocate our views is particularly brave and shows exceptionally good character, because not only does she face all of the above-mentioned challenges, but she lives in the United Kingdom and could be arrested for “hate speech.” She is very valuable for Identitarianism not just because she isn’t anonymous, but also because she is pleasant to look at. Attractive women get more male views for obvious reasons and more female views because women will compare themselves to other women.

Just to clarify, I’m not calling her stupid, nor am I white knighting. This article is not meant to woo her or anyone else, but rather to end the stupidity of needlessly attacking our leaders, especially our female ones who take criticism more seriously. One of the defenses that I have seen for attacking Identitarian female personalities is that some will needlessly attack male Identitarian voices also. This is stupid because chasing good recruiters out will only cause us to shrink. Although we have been growing very fast, we are still a small movement. Another defense that I have seen is that the Alt Right is a men-only space. This is particularly stupid because if you are serious about gaining getting a homeland, excluding half of our people will not work. Lastly, I have heard people say that it’s unfair how much hard work we put in our content, then a cute girl comes by and gets a large audience faster than we can just because she looks good. This is a movement built on the fundamental truths of hierarchy and inequality, so accept the fact you will have to work harder to get the same audience size and stop complaining.

The result of much pointless envy directed at Tara is that her tweets are now protected, which means she will reach fewer prospective recruits. If we constantly drive women out of the movement, guys who liked their content will leave and we will hit a major roadblock getting people to accept our ideas. If you want to be part of a small fringe movement made up almost exclusively of men which will never gain any ground, I would suggest the flat earth movement.

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