You Are Your Tribe

The case against individualism and for tribalism.

You Are Your Tribe

by Yuri Low-interest Loanberg

The Alt-Lite is correct about culture defining a society and country. A country with a good culture will have decent living standards and be the kind of place people want to live in. They are also correct about Western Civilization being the best civilization in the world. No civilization has come close to the amount of scientific achievement, military conquest, literature, art, or high living standards of the West. The Alt-Lite is also correct about the next step: preserving the West and celebrating its culture and achievements. What they are incorrect about is what the West is.

Each society produces different results, and assimilation is not always possible. Would you, as a White person, be able to assimilate into Filipino, Iraqi, or Somali culture even if you did your best and the locals were welcoming of you? It would take a very long time and would be next to impossible, assuming that you wanted to give up on what makes you. . . you. But what makes the person? It is his background and life experiences. Every country has a different character, every region in that country a different character, and in some cases even the different cities or towns have their own little personality to top it off.

So, what exactly is The West? It is rather odd that France is east of Haiti, New Zealand is east of China, most of America is east of Peru, and Dublin is east of Dakar. When people talk about Western Civilization, what they are talking about, whether or not they realize it, are the cultures and societies of Europe and the European Diaspora around the world. European Civilization or Western Civilization, whatever you want to call it, could have popped up anywhere in the world, so why didn’t European Civilization or a civilization very similar pop up on the shores of Lake Victoria, or off the pre-colonial shores of the Chesapeake bay, or in Papua New Guinea? The answer is that thousands of years of evolution and separation produced many different subspecies of Homo sapien which behave differently due to impulse control, time preference, average intelligence, and many other features.

All civilizations have been significantly influenced by the race of their practitioners. Though race isn’t the only factor, it is a major factor. Northeast Asian civilization is what it is because it is inhabited by Northeast Asians. Sub-Saharan Africa and Detroit are the way they are because they are inhabited by Sub-Saharan Africans. Europe is the way it is because it is inhabited by Europeans. Latin America and California are the way they are because of their Mestizo population. The people are the civilization. This means that one quality of the West which for better or worse has come to be one of its defining features, individualism, can only be preserved with individualistic people, and 90% of those are of European heritage. If you want individualism you must, ironically enough, exclude all others in order to maintain the kind of society you want.

If you were to design a new morality from nothing what would it look like? We can take an example from the humble flight attendant who tells us to put on our own oxygen mask first before helping others. If you’re reading this, you aren’t dying and chances are you aren’t homeless and can to feed yourself. Next you have your close family; take care of them if one of them is needy. Next you have your distant relatives; if we expand this out far enough, we get to your town, state, and eventually civilization. The Alt-Lite is correct about one thing: our civilization is dying and in need of urgent care. However, tribalism, not individualism, is the only way to save it.

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