2018 Indiana Senate Race: A Primer

2018 Indiana Senate Race: A Primer

The 2018 midterm elections are crucial for Donald Trump, and one of our main goals as a movement should be to primary the cucks while backing Trump-friendly candidates who can help the President pass his agenda through Congress. The powers the Senate has to check the President make it especially important. The Senate approves most cabinet nominations, serves as the jury in impeachment hearings, and has the power to override a veto. Holding on to the Senate is a key defensive measure in the case of impeachment, which the Democrats will continue trying to do regardless.

The GOP has a 51-to-49 majority in the Senate, so Democrats need to flip a net total of two seats to gain control. However, the GOP is only defending eight Senate seats, two of which appear competitive. Meanwhile, the Democrats have 25 seats to defend, including some in states Trump won in 2016. Statisticians dispute which party is likely to control the Senate after November. Traditionally, midterm elections favor Republicans, however another trend observed by political scientists is the electorate’s tendency to vote against the party which occupies the White House. It’s anyone’s guess how things will turn out, but I’m pretty white pilled on the Republican’s chances to maintain control of the Senate and I hope you guys are too.

At Fash the Nation, we want to cover the higher profile races this election cycle, so I will be writing a series of articles concerning the 2018 Senate Race in Indiana, which is ranked as the third most vulnerable Democratic seat. Indiana is an R+19 state, meaning Trump beat Hillary there by 19 percentage points. This race appears to be a toss-up, made even more ambiguous by the uncertainty of the May 5th Republican primary. This first piece will serve as a basic primer to the race, introducing the three serious candidates and offering my general assessment of them. These are the main metrics I’ve used to assess the candidates:

– How often they vote with Trump and how likely they are to vote with him in the future

– Their NumbersUSA grade card on immigration

– Some basic measures of their campaign finance operations

Joe Donnelly (D)

The incumbent in this election, Donnelly barely squeaked out a victory in 2012 due to some serious luck on his part. The longtime incumbent was primaried by a Tea Party candidate who sealed his fate with the electorate when he said that rape was “something God intended,” thus proving how retarded the moral majority can be. Prior to serving in the Senate, he represented Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District from 2007 to 2013.

A moderate-to-conservative Democrat, Donnelly is part of a dying breed known as Blue Dogs. Political scientists have ranked him as the second most conservative Democrat in Congress. According to Nate Silver’s measurements, Donnelly has voted with Trump 48.2% of the time, and due to Trump’s big-league win in Indiana, is expected to support Trump 84.7% of the time. Donnelly voted for Obamacare, but finds common ground with conservatives on several other issues including defense, guns, and even immigration.

Donnelly has been praised by the interest groups English First, Federation for American Immigration Reform, and Americans for a Better Immigration. At the same time, he’s been criticized by the National Latino Congreso for his stances on immigration. But don’t let any of this fool you, he was given a D+ on immigration by NumbersUSA, which grades all members of Congress on immigration. Here’s how he’s acted on immigration.

– Voted against the DREAM Act

– Voted to end sanctuary cities

– Voted numerous times for amnesty

– Voted to increase refugee resettlement

– Opposed the travel ban

If there’s a single metric we should use to determine who to support, it should be immigration. Based on that, I’ve concluded Donnelly is a cuck. Imagine my shock!

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Donnelly has raised $7.9 million between his campaign committee and leadership PAC as of the last filing date on September 30th. He’s spent $3.4 million, most of which was for his campaign committee. He has no debts and most recently reported $4.6 million in cash on hand. His top contributor is the nonpartisan Votesane PAC.

Luke Messer (R)

Ranking 5th in Congressional leadership as the Republican Policy chairman, Luke Messer is a decidedly establishment candidate, as evidenced by a state finance campaign committee comprised of people close to Mike Pence, including Pence’s brother Greg. Although the race is still close and there is a political eternity before the primary, Congressman Luke Messer of Indiana’s 6th district appears to have a slight advantage so far. He recently won the Indiana GOP straw poll, a strong indicator of grassroots support. The second-place finisher, Todd Rokita claimed that Messer rigged the poll by busing in some College Republicans. This isn’t the first attack from Rokita either, who has also raised concerns about Messer’s wife receiving an unusually large pay in exchange for legal counsel to an Indiana city.

Another attack that’s been used against Messer are his comments about Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign. There’s even an attack ad featuring clips of Messer counter-signaling Trump, which begs the question: is Messer merely a fair-weather ally of Trump? Messer has voted with Trump 91.7% of the time and, due to Trump’s Indiana numbers, is expected to support Trump 95% of the time.

Moving on to immigration, NumbersUSA gave Messer a C+ grade, which is better than Donnelly, but still mediocre by our standards. Here’s a breakdown of his actions:

– Voted to increase refugee resettlement, but supported the travel ban

– Strong record of voting against DACA amnesty

– Strong record of voting against funding sanctuary cities

– Cosponsored legislation to end the visa lottery

– Authored legislation to prevent illegal immigrants from claiming the child tax credit (a proposal Trump himself included in his 2018 budget request)

Overall, not too bad, but as we’ll find out later, there is a better candidate on this issue.

Between his campaign committee and leadership PAC, Messer has raised $2.04 million and spent $662,064. He has debt totaling $93,152, and holds $2.4 million cash on hand. His top contributor is the law firm Faegre Baker Daniels.

Todd Rokita (R)

Congressman Todd Rokita serves as a foil to Messer, positioning himself as a conservative, anti-establishment candidate. On a side note, one thing I personally like about Rokita is that he mirrors Trump’s brash, sometimes crude style in his speeches. He even has a “drain the swamp” section listed in the issues on his website. Rokita has represented Indiana’s 4th district since 2010. Messer and Rokita’s political rivalry dates back decades, beginning when they were students a year apart at Indiana’s Wabash College.

NumbersUSA grades Rokita with a B, making him the strongest candidate on this key issue. His actions include:

– Cosponsoring legislation to end the visa lottery

– Cosponsoring legislation to defund sanctuary campuses

– Voting against DACA amnesty

– Voting against funding sanctuary cities

– Cosponsoring legislation to mandate E-Verify

– Cosponsoring legislation to end chain migration

– Supporting the travel ban

The only real concern regarding immigration is that Rokita voted in in 2015 to reduce refugee resettlement, but then flip-flopped in 2016 and voted for the spending bill to increase refugee resettlement. Overall, Rokita takes the hardest stance on immigration of any candidate in this race, so he’s good in my book.

While Messer is on record counter-signaling Trump, Rokita was one of the few Republicans who supported Trump after the Access Hollywood tape dropped. This is important because it shows that he will stand by the President through the good times and the bad times. In addition to this support, he’s also voted with Trump 91.8% of the time and is expected to support Trump 95.1% of the time.

Rokita has raised $1.8 million and spent $740,527. He has no debt and has $2.4 million in cash on hand. His top contributor is the consulting firm Charter Brokerage LLC.

Hopefully this introductory report was helpful for all the Indiana goys out there. I highly encourage you to be active in the election by actually volunteering in the field. My assessment is that Todd Rokita is more /our guy/, but if Messer wins the primary he isn’t so much of a cuck that it’s the end of the world. Stay tuned for more articles on the 2018 Indiana Senate Race and follow me on Twitter and Gab at @populist420.

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